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In today's retail, inside-store operations are greatly supported by technology. Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Signage, VM and Store Designing are all coming under this section. The articles here take up these topics.

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Urban Ladder has announced the launch of Urban Ladder App for the Apple Watch. It is the first Apple watch app to be launched by an Indian e-commerce company, and the first in the online decor segment

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By: Mehul Agrawal, MD & Co-founder, Lakhs of customers, stupendous amount of traffic, information coming from sensors, cameras, microphones, devices, networks, log files, applications, web, and

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By Gautam Mandewalker, CTO, BeaconStream Though 2014 witnessed the roller coaster ride of eCommerce players leaving retailers shaken, Indian retailers are optimistic to chase down the magic figure of $ one

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New Delhi: Retail solutions company ADI Retail Systems in association with Hyera Software & Advance Research (Italy) has launched the customer insight technology - buyer behavior analysis

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New Delhi: Facing stiff competition from online counterparts, offline retailers have started engaging tech startups to launch retail offensive against their online peers, says an Economic Times report. According

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New Delhi: LoopPay, a US-based mobile payment provider is likely to enter into the Indian market this year. The firm's globally recognised and patented technology, Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) facilitates

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New Delhi: Meghdoot, a corrugated shipping cartons manufacturer, has installed first HP Scitex FB10000 Industrial Press in India at its facility in New Delhi. The firm plans to enhance production efficiency and grow

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Article by Ambeshwar Nath With emerging retail channels and higher competition, today's retailer needs to exploit new ways of inspiring customer loyalty as customer satisfaction is not enough, customer delight

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Vendors through e-commerce sites have started offering premium smartphone iPhone 6 at a starting price of Rs 56,000. The official launch date and other details for India are yet to be announced by Apple. A vendor

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Looking to cash in on the $ 600 billion Digital India initiative, global tech giant Cisco today unveiled a "smart city" model to demonstrate how smart networks can play a crucial role in areas like

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Devices embedded with the ability to communicate with each other are already here. Shijo SunnyThomas writes about the impact, not just on the supply chain but on the entire gamut of retail customer experience It

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Imagine your local department store reacts and engages with you as you stroll by the shop window. Mirrors in the retail store automatically gauge your body measurements to assist in choosing the right fit. These may

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Rapidly changing customer needs, as well as the operating environment have forced retailers and allied consumer-based brands to pay increased attention to optimising their supply chain. Apart from that, it also helps

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FDI has been a scary initiative for the small retailers. Much has been talked about the impact FDI will have on the business of these small retailers. But there is enough being done for the small retailers, one of

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At times when technology is being slowly but surely being integrated into the retail sector in the country, involvement of international players for the same is imperative. After the worldwide success of GS1 Global

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