Retailer Magazine - August 2010

On the path to excellence

The M&M Group started its retail journey with a small textile retail store on the buzzing Besant Road of the Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh in 1985, and eventually evolved and expanded into a large group that we see today. The group has the retail formats Manhar, M&M and Maanya under its umbrella. Even after 25 years of existence, Manhar, the parent store is still going strong. It is the favourite shopping destination of not only the city of Vijayawada but also for the people from the nearby districts.

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Adding a new flavor

Retailer: What was the purpose of re-branding Café Coffee Day? Alok Gupta (AG): Well by and large, it all started as a consumer understanding exercise, as in to figure out how consumers see Café Coffee Day (CCD) as a brand, and what emerged was that consumers see us as a place where conversations take place and that’s why “A lot can happen over coffee”. When we started to look at re-branding, we thought there is a powerful insight that could be leveraged, and moreover if we look at the brand CCD, it has a global aspiration and we wanted to create an identity that is ‘culturally neutral, globally relevant’, and now these two things have come alive in this new identity.

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Mission beautification

Retailer: What is the inspiration behind the inception of Marshalls Wallpaper? Karan Sharma (KS): Instilling a smile on customers’ face and seeing the transformation of their homes or offices into something so beautiful that they never imagined. That’s the satisfaction and inspiration which drives Marshalls.

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Domestic brands are outdoing

Within two years of entering the market, the Indian handset vendors have strengthened its presence by grabbing 14 per cent of the market share as per the Voice&Data survey conducted by Cyber Media. According to the survey, Nokia still retained market leadership with 52 per cent even after losing 12 per cent of its market share. Meanwhile, gaining 7 points Samsung is the second largest handset vendor with 17.4 per cent market share, followed by LG at 5.9 per cent.

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A thrust on premium

Licensed merchandise anyway shoots up the expectation of the consumers. Can we attribute this to the dual power of the two brands coming together? It’s a known fact that brand development is the most time consuming part of the product introduction process, and when it comes to licensed merchandise, both the parties, licensor and licensee, tries hard to live up to their reputation with the quality betterment, sliding the pricing up.

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PE eyes kids’ wear

Even a couple of years ago, there’s hardly any kids’ wear brand to consider. Largely unorganised, this kids’ wear market is now the target for many brands since the space gives ample of opportunity to experiment with international styling. The end result is galloping growth of kids’ wear brands, attracting the attention of the PE firms.

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Learning, fun and frolic

With Iken Store from the house of Mexus Education, learning has got a whole new dimension. It offers a series of especially designed learning tools to make the child grasp and understand things faster through the visual medium of cartoons, live action films, animations and different kinds of educational games. Iken Store has perfectly defined this unique concept of “Edutainment” which allures children to take learning as a favourite pastime rather than fleeing away from it.

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Coupons on cell

Flashing discount coupons on mobile phones, a part of SMS marketing, is recently a new strategy for the retailers. The wide use of mobile phones and low cost are the two pivotal factors that have made this “in thing” a plausible tool for enticing customers. It’s an exciting as well as feasible service, but as long as it doesn’t cross over the line to become a nuisance, causing irritation of a consumer.

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Clout of cloud computing

It is the situational demand to make cost cutting an essential component of the best practices in retail business. IT support is not lagging behind in this respect. Retailers are now preferring hosted applications on the Internet over a large sum of investment in infrastructure which keeps on expanding as the size of the business increases. The present day business status quo calls for more flexible mode of operation where efficacy will not be sacrificed at any cost but expenditure will remain under close monitor.

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Quintessentially international

Pondicherry as a location of the flagship store Pondicherry is the home of the Hidesign, and for us the flagship store of Hidesign should be able to express the history, the heritage, the story and the values of Hidesign. All the experimentation should take place there at first. When you visit the store, you should be able to experience the whole thing that is Hidesign - the cultural lifestyle, the history and everything. Pondicherry has these traits.

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Sunshine on malls

Nowadays, we see it all over the news and the web that we need to ‘Go Green’. Our environment is deteriorating due to green house gas emissions; for use of coal, the carbon footprint is increased which is causing high temperatures and rise in water levels.

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Merchandise massacre

What could have been a real showstopper with the fans flaunting their adorable Shera merchandise making the host country a perfect venue for spreading the excitement, offering the right prelude to kick start such a big event like Common Wealth Games (CWG), Organising Committee (OC) of CWG has doused all hopes by taking a totally messy approach towards this immense business opportunity.

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Food for thought

Lately, the food category within FMCG has been the centre of a lot of action. The kind of innovation seen in packaging, tastes, and even in the complete product category has been mind-boggling. What is heartening is that both the customer and the consumer have taken to most of these in the most positive ways. However, along with the opportunity comes a certain set of challenges. Let us take a look at some of them:

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Retail headstart

You can be the best retailer in the world, but if you set your shop in the wrong location, chances of a successful business are lessened considerably. Starting off with the wrong location is like running with your hands tied behind your back. Certain parameters should be taken care of to select the right location.

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Enhancing performance

Oracle entered India in 1987and set up its India Development Centre in 1994. Today, it has two India Development Centres as well as Indian hubs for Oracle’s global support, consulting and financial services operations. Oracle India markets the complete range of its products and services through its extensive network of partners under the Oracle Partner Network. Also, Oracle India is a major partner for E-Governance initiatives of Central and State Government bodies in India and has more than 7,000 customers across the government and private sector.

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Implementing centralised monitor

Founded in 1972, SAP - a leading global IT solution provider for business operations, boasts of a rich history of innovation and growth as a true industry leader. Having sales and development locations in more than 50 countries worldwide, SAP is listed on several exchanges including the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) and the NYSE under the name ‘’SAP’’.

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Integrating business seamlessly

Wipro Infotech, a division of the US$5 billion Wipro Limited, provides enterprise customers with high value Information Technology products, Software Services, Solutions and Consulting services in India and the Middle East.

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Cost efficient supply chain

Over the last 10 years, Retailware Softech Pvt. Ltd has successfully carried out several IT projects by supplying solutions for the retail sector. The company has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services, Microsoft, Motorola and HP.

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Dishing out right solutions

LS Hospitality is an integrated, multilingual POS and Back Office solution for hospitality organisations worldwide, streamlining operations and reducing costs. The company provides management with the relevant tools to keep the customers satisfied, thus implying repeat businesses.

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Streamlining airport retail

Established in 2003, AGS has evolved itself as the leading player in providing technology-based solutions for the Banking, Petroleum and Retail sectors. The company is the principal distributor for Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH.

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