There’s an overwhelming amount of content on the internet. From 15-second Instagram stories to YouTube channels with hundreds of hours of video, to blog articles, to live streams and more — there’s a lot out there for the taking. Moreover, with mainstream social media apps introducing their own algorithms, the players and the content that are the most active are usually the ones getting discovered first.
With so much of brand communication and competition out there, it can be easy to feel like your message gets lost in the chaos of the internet. What do you do if you're an online brand or a creator who wants to take greater ownership of the content you build?
Join Anuvrat Rao, Founder & CEO of 1Bstories as he delves deep into the lessons learned and unlocks insights into building and owning powerful content that can have a big impact on your online brand and its community. the lessons learned and insights from the renowned brand and discuss some of its successful community engagement strategies.


Founder & CEO
Anuvrat Rao Founder & CEO, 1Bstories, Singapore

Ex- Google pioneer (worked for 9 years), with an expertise in launching new products and building ecosystems from the ground up (0 to 1 to 10 to 100). These include launching Google Assistant, Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages and Firebase in APAC from zero to 100s of partners and millions of users. Prior to this, launched Youtube in APAC.
His last role at Google was to Head Google Search for the APAC region. Prior to this Anuvrat was a Strategy consultant with OC&C Strategy Consulting in London and an Investment Banker with WP Carey in London/New York.
Anuvrat has a triple masters in Engineering, Economics and Management from the University of Oxford. Anuvrat is a local Singaporean who went to Victoria School (Top 10 student in O Levels) and Victoria Junior College (4A's in A Levels).



Strategies to effectively distribute content to reach your target audience


Ways to leverage decentralized content to empower engagement and growth


Techniques to ensure your digital marketing approach is successful and cost-effective


How to measure the impact and value your marketing efforts have on your brand’s community


Lessons learned and best practices for building and owning powerful content

Who Should Attend

Webinar Schedule

5:00PM – 5:30PM Opening Remarks and discussion
with Anuvrat Rao, Founder & CEO of 1Bstories in Singapore and indianretailer.com
5:30PM – 5:45PM Audience Question and Answer Session,
Moderated by indianretailer.com

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