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How Supply chain companies handle festive rush?

In India, the e-commerce sector has seen an unprecedented growth in the recent past. This growth was driven by rapid technology adoption led by the increased use of devices such as smartphones and tablets, and access to the internet through broadband, 4G etc, which led to an increased online consumer base. The impact of this growth

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Why More One Person Businesses Are Breaking 1 Million In Revenue?

When Katherine Krug raised 1.2 million on Kickstarter to manufacture BetterBack, a posture-support device she created after developing sciatica during long hours on her computer, it was just the beginning of her success. Krug soon appeared on the TV show Shark Tank, and the publicity helped her business grow. All told, in her first

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AMBRUS JEWELS by ARPIT GOYAL launched its first flagship store

Ambrus Jewels by Arpit Goyal, inspired by a rich heritage and the beauty of rich culture, make the jewellery pieces a matter of high-end and luxe experience. The company unveiled its first flagship store at Defence Colony in South Delhi on 31st October 2018. Comprising of an exquisite range of rings, earrings, necklaces, and

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Why this festive season is all about customer convenience?

Although the festival season is in the last leg with Diwali, which is around the corner culminating the season, brands seem to have left no stone unturned to make shopping experiences pleasant for customers this year. While all major brands are giving out seasonal offers and discounts, many big brands have gone a step ahead and have

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How value retail is emerging as high profit business?

A decade ago if a product was sold in the market at a discounted rate, it would arouse suspicions in the consumers’ minds. However today, this behaviour has changed with the emergence of the Value Retailing concept. The buying behaviour for any segment can be divided into utility and luxury. Commercialization, however, offers

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Setting up shop: empowering small retailers and kiranas

Small retailers and kiranasform the backbone of Indian consumption with a 98% share in the entire grocery retail business – there are about 12 million of them dominating the segment. There are some practical reasons for the success of these models. First, they are easily accessible and can be found on every street corner. Second,

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9 tips to sell more on marketplaces during festive sale

A report by Ace Turtle casts light on tips for sellers to accelerate the sale in ongoing festive season.        

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Nykaa cosmetics launches ultra matte lipstick

TheNykaa Ultra Matte Lipstick range is a tribute to the most iconic beautiful women that inspired the world with their original blend of grit, grace, glamour, and gravitas that echo far beyond the ages. Dedicated to all the women who changed the world with their enchanting beauty, sparkling wit and appeal, this

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Why e-content is of supreme importance to new age brands?

Cartoon sketchers, standup comedians and bloggers- for decades, these have been the profession of people with creative bend, but hardly meant for storytelling or brand marketing. However, with young consumers moving from TV to mobiles for shopping, entertainment and even information, the methods of reaching out  to these consumers

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How retail merchandising is getting a Tech Facelift?

Science and sales were never two distant worlds and industry experts will vouch for this fact. With technology taking a shift to higher gears, which meant a more paced-up evolution, even the sales industry didn’t lag behind and caught up with its modern-day avatar. Looking at the retail domain of sales, which had traditionally

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Consumers in India are shopping online more frequently, and they prefer marketplaces: Study

Pitney Bowes a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of ecommerce, shipping, mailing, and data, today published key findings from the 2018 Pitney Bowes Global Ecommerce Study. As online retailers and marketplaces prepare for record volumes of ecommerce orders this holiday season, the study found that

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How machine learning is enabling data driven retail transformation?

Retailers have been struggling to predict and analyse shopper behaviour forever. No amount of data is enough. Data is the heartbeat of any retailer. Retailers are bombarded with data from digital channels, offline channels, social media and more. There is always the conundrum where there is enough data about what to do with it and how

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The Emergence of Analytical Techniques in Value Retail

Could you ever think the data accumulated a decade ago, while carrying day today business could boil down to digits in zettabytes and help us to develop a cognitive vision towards the expansion of the businesses across the sectors?... Probably not.   In the fast-growing and manufacturing world words like market

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How AI is next big thing in data driven customer engagement?

Artificial Intelligence is not a single technology; rather, it’s an umbrella term for technologies inspired by human biological systems. AI constitutes a variety of software, algorithm-driven approaches with data, that together simulate any number of human cognitive functions. To the lay person this is “dare to

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Blockchain set to supercharge global supply chains by 2025

A new report by the Capgemini Research Institute today reveals that blockchain could become ubiquitous by 2025, entering mainstream business and underpinning supplychains worldwide. Through investment and partnerships, the distributed ledger technology will dominate manufacturing as well asconsumer products and retailindustries,

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