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Poshampa launches the new line of canvas shoes

Poshampa, a bespoke lifestyle footwear brand has came up with a new range of hand- painted canvas shoes.The newly launched collection includes Angry Birds,  Desi Naari, Christmas , Night owl, Pineapple, Yellow Boho, to name a few. The new collection is comfortable hand-painted footwear for women and can be customised for

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How Noida is an upcoming retail destination?

Adjacent to capital city New Delhi, Noida is an emerging destination for fashion and lifestyle.  Noida city dwellers are known for their flamboyant taste, be it fashion or food. This suburban city of national capital has the magical to charm attract national and international shoppers alike.   Due to constant

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How was 2018 for Indian retail!

In many ways the year 2018 was a watershed for retail in India. The year also marked a coming of age of the internalization of the GST and demonetization impacts with the retail sector exhibiting resiliency in its onward march to embrace and understand digital challenges. With this, not only has the sector begun to show signs of

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How Indian gifting industry is shaping up?

The gifting industry in India has witnessed a massive growth over the past decade due to rising income levels and aspirations. The global gifting market is estimated to be USD 475 billion, and India is expected to emerge as one of the strongest contributors by 2024. A recent research report by Qwikcilver revealed that the country is

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Top 5 trends that will rule fashion retail in 2019

What we wear has today become a manner of expression, attitude and personality. Apparel and accessories are no longer only about adorning oneself with a piece of cloth; instead, coupled with the desire to chase the latest trends, people want to wear their ‘heart on their sleeves’. And, convey an attitude. The Indian

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Top 4 retail trends to lookout in 2019!

The year 2018 witnessed major developments across all industries and verticals, including some of the most crucial turn of events in the retail industry in India. The year was certainly not the same for all—whilethe world’s largest athletic-gear makerNike went on a consolidation spree in India to curtail losses,

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How home retail will shape up in 2019 ?

The flourishing e-commerce market of India is a combination of a dynamic and competitive domain. The Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion as of 2017 (source: The IBEF report 2018) much of this growth has been triggered by increasing internet and smartphone penetration. Existing

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What to expect in 2019 for footwear retail?

There has been an upsurge in the footwear industry in India in recent years, especially owing to higher disposable income. As per Statista, the overall revenue in the footwear market will reach USD 16,980 million in 2018, with a CAGR of 10.1% between 2018 and 2021. Within the footwear industry, when it comes to luxury footwear segment,

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5 things to know about new ecommerce policy

The government has tightened guidelines for FDI in e-commerce market places, barring players, including Amazon and Flipkart, from selling exclusive-only products on their platform. 

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Top 5 strategies that successful brands are using

Today we as consumer receive five times more information every day than we did 30 years ago. Moreover, technology has completely dominated that was we interact the world around us. Customers are evolved like never before. Today we have brands such as Google and Amazon which have managed to create dominance in their respective sectors

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Retail in 2018 – Learning the art of tenuous co-existence

In the year 2018, retail industry has begun its journey towards mature behaviour and tenuous co-existence. This, in my experience, is the most important trend that has emerged from the murky waters of price wars and survival threats, which had plagued the sector over the last few years. To understand how significant this is, let us

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How to attract customers with store display?

Visual merchandising is multi-dimensionaland retailers can choose from various ideas when designing displays.  This is one advantage that the retailers have over online sellers- the in-store experience, and the opportunity to show off products in engaging ways. The key to designing a successful store display is by

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How VR is a third Dimension between online and offline?

As we inch towards the year 2019, we realise that while everything else – including product prices and number of players in the market – is seeing an upward trajectory of growth, the retail shop floors are facing a massive space crunch. The high-end luxury brands are the most hard-pressed in this regard to navigate the

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How celebrity brands are becoming a big thing in India?

The transition of endorsing something to wanting to own that thing is a natural behavior: It is the outcome of the realization about the impact one creates when endorsing a product or service and over a period of time one believes that why not create his/her own. Although, few key aspects one has to be aware in this movement from

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5 key areas where Indian retailers can leverage AI

Artificial Intelligence is taking over retail and has been used across the entire product and service cycle. Right from pre production to post sale, retail players are leveraging AI in different forms in order to bring automation. The following article sheds light on different examples where AI is successfully integrated into key

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