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The back-end technology involves technology for Supply Chain Management, including stocking, logistics, warehousing and sourcing; Enterprise Resource Planning, market research and many others. The articles will discuss the trends of these technologies, research and development, and the emergence of the new versions.

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Businesses today are persisting in a very competitive environment, where all players are bullishly working towards customer acquisition and retention, through unparalleled customer experience. Such customer experiences are being created by harnessing the power of technology and adopting customer oriented practices. Managing the overall

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Ganesh Subramanian, the former Chief Operating Officer at online fashion marketplace, Myntra, has now planned to come up with his own venture called Stylumia Intelligence Technology. This is a data-driven technology to analyse various fashion trends in the retail and eRetail space. Speaking about Stylumia, CEO, Subramanian said,

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Tech Mahindra’s mobility solution wing, Mahindra Comviva, has recently launched an Android app named Zerch. The app offers local deals and product discovery in Bangaluru and Delhi-NCR as off now. Zerch offers deals from nearby merchants in food and beverages, spas, salons and apparel, accessories, books, gifts and electronics

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Technology and IT initiatives has been the main learning of the shakeout that has made Indian retail advanced and on-the-go. Retail professionals look for technology that can help them get connected anywhere and Microsoft’s has gone beyond regular to bring in a mix of business intelligence, collaboration and mobility with Office

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Knowing your customer is a motto as relevant today as it was in the days of the neighbourhood retailer. With unlimited shopping options, securing customer insights to build enduring one-to-one relationships is more critical now than ever before. India’s retail market has emerged as one of the most dynamic industries in the

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Founded on the day Steve Jobs died, and co-founded by Apple CEO John Sculley, the name ‘Misfit’ (suggesting the opposite of its actual purpose) was inspired from the ‘Think Different’ campaign, whose “Here’s to the crazy ones” commercial became a rage in 1997. Misfit started inventing and

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Google has innovated new features with Google’s Search, Maps, Photos, Translate and YouTube apps which were demonstrated during the event of ‘Google House’- a showcase of the latest product innovations for India’s ‘mobile first’ world, conducted in Mumbai on 20th August 2015. The event was attended

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Retailers are exploring newer technologies to gain an edge over their competition through cutting costs and being more responsive to their customers’ needs. Retailers are facing increased competition and demanding customers, and are fighting a daily battle to improve their performance, which is affected by all the

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When we talk about what’s HOT in the Indian retail market, mobile commerce is the only term that hits our mind. Enterprise resource planning (ERP), consumer relationship management (CRM) and supply-chain management (SCM), club them together along with various other offerings and that is it, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, an

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Gloob Décor with its latest acquisition of Banana Interactive, now plans to further its vision of becoming a market leader in Augmented Reality enabled interior designing. Banana Interactive, a self funded gaming and application development startup now spearheads the Visual App Development vertical at Gloob. The acquisition

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The Indian retail sector, which is one of fast growing sectors contributing about 15 per cent to the GDP, is surely on the roll for the last few years. However, due to being largely fragmented and unorganized and reluctance by small and medium retailers to embrace the latest technology to be competitive, the sector finds it hard to

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Technology in India is shrinking with the passage of time. Not in terms of capacity but size. Gone are the days when huge computing devices were the trendsetters. Now, the smaller device you have, the smarter you are! These technology devices first became smaller to fit a desk, then shrunk to sit on lap and now they can fit in our

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Great customer service is a critical part of any retail business. In many ways, it’s useful to think of customer service as just one piece – among others – that comes together to form the total experience. Customer Service vs Customer Experience Customer service only encompasses the reactive part of a larger

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A lot has been spoken and written about Big Data already. In terms of how it is going to affect the whole Retail wave, both physical and virtual, Big Data can help take out meaningful shopper/consumer data to better business prospects. It can be quite interesting for companies looking out to maximise the opportunity that lies in

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The trend of shifting to app only presence is fast picking up pace with growing number of start-ups moving to app-only platforms. According to ET, start-ups like Zopper, Doormint and LocalOye; online-first restaurants Holachef and Spoonjoy, online dating startup Truly-Madly and on-demand grocery delivery firm PepperTap are planning

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