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While fashion leads the pack as trending licensing avenue in terms of volumes, home dcor especially soft furnishing is catching up. Vandana Gupta of Belkado talks to Retailer about the licensed range of soft furnishing and her experience with licensing.
Disney cushions


How have eCommerce portals helped you while marketing these products?

Ecommerce portals have been excited to have these products available. They have been supportive in advertising the products on their sites as well as through emails to customers. Additionally most portals have a dedicated Disney page as well where these products are linked for additional visibility.

What made you choose Disney Princess and Frozen only for cushions?

There were multiple reasons for tying up with Disney. The two main reasons were the diverse characters that Disney owns and licenses. These spread across both boys and girls as well as across all ages. While the Winnie the pooh is for smaller kids, Sofia is for a little older girls, Frozen & princesses are for girls across ages, Spiderman, Cars & Jake is for boys and Avengers is for young and old. The second reason is that Disney keeps releasing new movies which keep their characters very much in front of the audience and hence the recall value is high.What is the target group for these licensed products and how has been the market acceptance. Please share the data as well.

As shared above the target audience has been very wide. We have characters which attract both boys and girls across a wide age group. Characters like Winnie the Pooh start at infants and go up. Other characters like Frozen and Avengers go up to teens as well. The market acceptance has been very good. Not only online eCommerce portals, we are also working with some large format retails for these products as well to place in over 200+ stores across India.

What new brands are you planning to bring in to home segment?

As of now we are focused on our partnership with Disney and Viacom18. Apart from the characters with Disney we are also working with Viacom18 for the Motu Patlu characters and have products for these characters as well.

Was it easy to approach Disney for frozen or you'd face any challenges?

While it was easy to approach Disney, as with all large organizations, they have a stringent process for selecting and signing up new partners. Having said that, the Disney team was immensely supportive and helped us at each and every step. It took longer that we hoped for but in the end it was worthwhile.

How have you planned marketing around these products as they need special strategy?

Our marketing with these products has been in conjunction with websites to promote these products, thorough our social media presence as well as via exhibitions. Additionally we have partnered with Max Retail, part of the Landmark Group to have these products placed in their stores.

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