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 MUMBAI: LG Electronics today launched its new flagship smartphone LG G3. The phone is priced at Rs 47,990 for 16GB and Rs 50,990 for 32GB and would be available in three colours. "With G3, LG has truly broken technological grounds and we aim to spearhead our vision of 10 per cent smartphone market share by end of

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  Homegrown handset maker Zync Global today unveiled its 2G calling tablet 'Z-18' priced at Rs 6,009. The seven-inch device features 1.5 GHz dual core processor, Android JellyNean operating system and 512 MB RAM. It will come with on-board storage of 4GB (expandable upto 32GB). Backed by a 2,500mAh

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Not many people know about Apple’s Newton which was a flop show. Market analysts blame it on nothing but the poor pricing strategy adopted by Apple. Marked at $700, Newton proved to be a pretty pricey sidekick for the customers and was eventually canned in the year 1997. From yet another page in history, when Samsung entered the

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The story It was not long ago when the fight to the top slot in the mobile segment in India was between major phone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung and Sony. Although these brands are still going strong in the Indian market, the growing demand for domestic brands, such as Micromax, Lava, Karbonn, Zen, etc, cannot be overlooked.

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It was the year 1994 when Japanese company, Sony, made its entry into India. Seven years later, in 1997, the South Korean crusader duo – LG and Samsung – took the Indian market by storm. What was then expected to be a short-term ruling has turned out to be the game-changer for consumer electronics in the country. We look at

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Technology is a sector that surely has a surprise element about it. So much so, that a new product is launched in the market even before the last launched product grows old. There’s no dearth of innovations and products when it comes to the technology sector. While one day, customers are surprised with Apple’s

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The consumer electronics segment has been the silver lining amidst the circumstances that have resulted in unfamiliar positioning of the economy over the last couple of years. Consumer Electronics and Appliances Manufacturers Association (CEAMA) is an all-India body of organisations in the consumer electronics and durables sector that

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 The worldwide retail industry has lost not only a top visionary and a creative genius, but also a wonderful human being – Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. Steve Jobs (1955-2011) was battling pancreatic cancer since 2004. The loss is irreplaceable and is being mourned by millions across the world. The man whose ideation

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The demand for tablets is growing for more reasons than one that ranges from replacing the smartphones in shopping or the old fashion menu cards in restaurants. From being a simple device whose role was restricted to just being a reading device, it has suddenly been discovered to have more interesting roles. Akin to a desired eve that

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The retail boom has had its resonance in the home appliance segment of the country. Over the years, this segment has grown to include new, innovative product lines and also a couple of new players who have managed to keep consumer aspirations in mind. The growing consumerism and the rise in the disposable income of Indian consumers

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In India, consumer durable retailers are showing increased sales volumes mainly driven by young population with rising disposable income levels, easy finance options and increased consumer awareness. The major categories in consumer durable product includes consumer electronics, air conditioners, LCDs, Plasma TV, IT, imaging, Home

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Mobile market in India which has 687.71 million connections is set to rise to 1.159 billion by the end of 2013, and become approximately $35.5 billion market by then, making it the world's largest mobile market, according to London-based Informa Telecoms and Media's latest forecast.   Latest Mobiles We now live

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Amidst all the hullaballoo and the rough weather, camera has managed to row its boat and is very much ‘Alive and still Clicking’. This is good news for retailers.   Indian Digital Camera market growth The India digital camera market recorded a growth of 76 percent YoY (April-June 2010 over April-June

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Digital advertising follows us to everywhere like a magnet would iron, whether we are in a  plane, or train, shopping, walking, well, just name it and it is there while leaving us to wonder at its magical appearance like that of an Alladin’s gin, who would appear just anywhere. Alternatively, thank god for this wonderful

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3G phones,  popular for their multi tasking features, such as the capability to play videos, show live TV, play MP3 music, access email, display a live video conference with a friend, send and receive megapixel digital camera images and many more things have not just eased up a user's professional life but also redefined his

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