5 D2C Brands Transforming the Furniture Industry
5 D2C Brands Transforming the Furniture Industry

A number of interesting, new direct-to-customer firms have entered the furniture industry in recent years. These brands are able to compete with market leaders by rewriting the conventional retail structure and selling directly to customers rather than through third-party retailers who take a share of earnings and pass along additional expenses to customers. 

Direct-to-customer furniture businesses may better tailor their future product upgrades and new offerings to what customers need and want by interacting with customers directly and learning more about their requirements, desires, likes, and dislikes.

Additionally, the population’s living standards and lifestyle are changing due to the expansion of metropolises and the housing industry, which is driving up the demand for new furniture and home solutions.  

Here are 5 D2C Brands that are Transforming the Furniture Industry

1. Pepperfry - Pepperfry, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra offers appliances for the dining room, kitchen, bath, and housing. Pepperfry’s studio footprint currently covers 100+ cities with 195+ studios across India. In Northern India alone, Pepperfry has close to 90,000 sq. ft. of retail space with some of its largest studios and six distribution centers. Various cutting-edge technologies, including serverless architecture, machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality, are now being used by Pepperfry.

2. Sleepyhead - Bengaluru-based Sleepyhead is a D2C lifestyle home decor company created for Gen Z and young Indians who are digital natives. Sleepyhead, which defied all expectations for the category when it was introduced in 2017, is now one of the fastest-growing D2C mattress brands in India. With its carefully crafted items, the home lifestyle brand Sleepyhead today strives to make daily life enjoyable and fabulous. The company meets the unmet needs of the modern Indian consumer by making exceptional designs affordable without sacrificing quality or customer service.

3. Furlenco - Incorporated in 2012 by Ajith Karimpana, Furlenco is an Indian online marketplace for renting furniture. Furlenco provides furnishings on a monthly leasing subscription basis for the complete home. 

The D2C brand struggled to attract new clients as the supply chain collapsed during the lockdown. But its rental-based business strategy continued to generate profits. Currently, Furlenco offers its customers the freedom of choice to select any furniture they want, access it in any way possible, and modification by returning or selling it back.

4. Duraster - Jodhpur-based Duraster is known for offering heirloom-caliber solid wood pieces. The furniture that it offers is redefining contemporary even though it is made of natural wood including Sheesham, acacia, and mango wood. The brand takes great satisfaction in the work of its artists and craftsmen, who produce the finest antique-quality solid wood furniture using vintage tools and conventional techniques. By opening three experience stores in Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru by the end of 2022, Duraster plans to give its clients an omnichannel experience. 

5. InvisibleBed- InvisibleBed, a Bengaluru-based company founded by Prashanth Havinahal, saw potential in this transformation design category and launched its D2C platform in 2013. The company currently offers wall-mounted desks, sit/stand tables, full-size beds that fold into sofa sets, and other foldable furniture. 

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