Women's Entrepreneurship Day: 5 Women-led D2C Brands That Are Riding High in Indian Business Ecosystem

Of late, women-led D2C brands are proliferating in the market, exhibiting massive growth
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: 5 Women-led D2C Brands That Are Riding High in Indian Business Ecosystem

Homegrown brands have started performing well. The effects of the last year’s economic downturn are gradually vanished, thus, demonstrating a promising future ahead for the Indian business sphere.

Of late, many women-led D2C brands are grabbing attention in the business marketplace. D2C brands are proliferating in the market, exhibiting massive growth. Here are some women-led D2C brands that are leading in the D2C segment.

Aarti Gill, Co-founder of Ozivia

OZiva, which is a plant-based nutrition and wellness brand, reported that its operating revenue recorded a 3.43X jump to Rs 72.11 crore in FY21 from Rs 21.02 crore in FY20. Aarti Gill-led company has made all the revenue from sales of health and nutrition products.

Meanwhile, OZiva’s expenses spiked 4.43X to Rs 83.57 crore in FY21 from Rs 18.83 crore in the preceding fiscal year (FY20). It has splurged on advertising to fuel growth and these costs blew 11.63X to Rs 28.15 crore in FY21 from Rs 2.42 crore in FY20. 

Besides this, the company is ventured into the kid's nutrition segment with the launch of OZiva Kids. Under the new sub-brand, the company is offering a range of superfoods, fortified with essential nutrients and blended with powerful ayurvedic herbs, to cater to the varied needs of growing children.

Priyanka Salot, Co-Founder, The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company, which is a digital comfort tech firm, helps transit people’s sleep via its patented SmartGRID design and tech. The company directly renders its offering to the customers.

Priyanka Salot, Co-founder of The Sleep Company, ventured into the sleep science realm and met various scientists and technicians in the sleep science niche. The massive research and hard work paid off when the company was established in 2019 and begin catering to the needs of people. 

The company stated that it will increase its portfolio in the offing, thus, extending the SmartGRID technology to go beyond mattresses. 

“It is our goal to be the first in Asia to introduce the exclusive patented SmartGRID technology based on sleep research, and we are planning to expand our operations to international markets within this quarter, initially entering into UAE and Japan. We have also filed for a patent in more than 20 countries,” Salot stated. 

Pallavi Utagi, Founder and Mom in Chief, Superbottoms said.


Homegrown babycare brand, SuperBottoms has recently secured Rs 3.5 crore in venture debt funding from Alteria Capital. Pallavi Utagi-led brand engenders eco-friendly cloth diapers, SuperBottoms UNO, potty training products, and accessories for babies as well as moms. 

The brand is run by a passionate team of moms who are themselves users of the products. Besides offering babycare products, the company administers an active and growing community of customers on social media. 

It will be using the recently raised funding to expand its product portfolio to meet the growing demand for innovative and sustainable products for babies and kids. The company has recently ventured into the kids' segment by launching kids' underwear and sustainable sheet detergent. 

After bagging a sum in a debt venture fund, the company plans to raise funds sometime in the future to fund its growth plan.

“The company is focusing on expanding the category of cloth diapering and sustainable baby care needs. It also intends to become Rs 100 crore brands in FY 22 and seeks to become the first choice of new mothers for diapering their babies,” Utagi said.

Vineeta Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics

Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar Cosmetics, which is an online beauty brand, is blossoming this year in the D2C segment. Vineeta Singh-led beauty brand has withstood the economic downturn and is making a great comeback with several campaigns as well as new launches.

The brand has garnered $35.3 million in the aggregate to date. In the past year, it raised Series C funding from investors. According to media reports, it is in discussions with big PE funds to raise funds in the Series D round.

“We focus on building more to our mobile app that already garnered 800,000 app installs in just a year. Content marketing, strong collaborations, and introducing trendy products, remain on the chart for 2021,” Singh shared plans.

Saroja Yeramilli, Co-Founder and CEO of Melorra


Melorra, which is a lightweight D2C fine jewelry brand, is focusing on expansion this year. The jewelry brand lately its experience centers in Mumbai followed by Bengaluru. Saroja Yeramilli-led company is reportedly launching its international website as well.

It claims to have grown at 200 percent year-on-year and stands at a revenue of Rs 350 crore. It lately secured $24 million in funding from investors. 

“It is a moment of great joy for us as we expand our experience center presence pan India. It was natural for us to have our center in Mumbai given how women in the city are dynamic and fashionable – and the stores are also new age. We wanted to give them access to both the physical and online experience. We are on our way to becoming the largest lightweight and fine gold jewelry company in India,” Yeramilli said.

The above-cited women leaders and many more have braved economic recession and now heralding success in their respective fields. Today’s women entrepreneurs are showing their caliber by plunging into a challenging, competitive D2C segment. 

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