A fusion of elegance and ecstasy!

A blend of elegance and exclusivity is what the newly opened store of premium home decor brand Sarita Handa is all about..
A fusion of elegance and ecstasy!
A fusion of elegance and esctasy is what the newly opened store of Premium home decor brand Sarita Handa is all about.
Located in the bustling lane of Shakti Mills, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai; the boutique's design refelects the brand's style and exclusivity.
This stand-alone store oodles of natural light and a hanger-like industrial ceiling and a multi level mezzanine floor.Further,it has a small courtyard filled with greens and a beautiful Banyan tree alongside is bound to evoke a feeling of tranquility and well-being.
What's more the store has loft-like tiered architecture along with merchandising and Sarita Handa’s product line offers an ambience that allows you to soak in a home like feel. The store entrance is a mix of contemporary with old world antique style. The effect has been created by popping teal on doors and windows teamed with an interesting antique stone Buddha sculpture – right at the entrance.
The modern and immensely livable look is outfitted in a soothing color palette designed to showcase each piece beautifully, with products displayed in small groupings and concepts, all created to enhance the shopping experience. The store looks and speaks everything true to SARITA HANDA essence.
Sarita Handa is recognized as a worldwide leading innovator for more than 20 years and never ceases to surprise its customers with its attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship.It manufactures exquisite products for brands such as Pottery Barn, Marcy’s, Zara Home and Bloomingdales to name a few.
Each product from the brand – from beddings to quilts, placemats, bath products, pure fiber fabrics, cushions, etc – is a result of her love for detail, quality and craftsmanship. Sarita Handa, the force behind this multi-million dollar company, has achieved international recognition for her aesthetics and her innate sense of style. The legacy continues with Suparna Handa, Sarita’s daughter, who is seamlessly following her mother’s footsteps.
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