Address Home: creating retail out of a dockyard

Address Home, the luxury home dcor brand has opened its exclusive store in a dockyard of British era in Kolkata. What makes the store special is the seamless blend of chic and vintage designs with industrial look.
Address Home Kolkata Store

Located at ‘The Promenade’ at Remount Road in Kolkata, the 3,000 sq ft retail destination of Address Home symbolises a new style of interiors where the vintage meets the contemporary. Built in one of the many dome like warehouses, the store boasts of rusted-metal exteriors in an antique dockyard of the British era.

In a bid to recreated retail through restoration, the store combines modern industrial chic with old world charm. The interiors of this heritage structure have an industrial backdrop seamlessly juxtaposed with futuristic trendy designs

Defining about the idea behind store design, Rajat Singhi, Founder and Creative Director, Address Home said, “When we decided to open a store in Kolkata, we were looking for something out of the ordinary. The search ended at Remount Road, where a line of vintage dome-like structure caught our fancy. We were able to conjure up an image of a store where the Industrial vintage met the contemporary.”

“We kept the industrial look of the warehouse pretty much untouched. With its rusted-metal exteriors, in an antique dockyard the store combines modern Industrial chic with old world charm,” added Singhi

Inspired by the latest colors and design trends across the globe, Address Home offers Linen collections that are an artistic highlight of its exclusive offering.

The bleak Industrial look of the warehouse became a great environment for Address Home’s globally designed interior products and provided a hint of much needed Drama. The rusted vintage exterior of the domes is complimented with a raw industrial look to create a stark contrast with the premium luxury product line in high gloss and metallic finishes.

LED spot lights accentuate the products on shelves while track lights have been deployed for ceiling. Further, to shift focus on the products, the shelves have been done with beading detail in white duco finish.

Adding a bit of ‘Eureka’, curved corrugated iron sheets painted in grey have been used as walls.

The striking décor of the new store helps to bring out the designs and the vibrant colors of the collections on display, prominently, adds Singhi while narrating how this off-beat store design has benefitted the brand.

The vision to marry the two paradox styles of interior where industrial vintage meets the contemporary has resulted in a great theatrical visual treat, making the store an absolutely unique design destination. The common element that runs through all the collections is innovative design combined with impeccable quality.

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