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The floor of a retail store is where the acid test for sales can actually be cleared. And it is the sales staff that can make or break this deal. Let us find out how effective a sales person is...
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A well-selected sales force is crucial for the success of your store. Apart from hiring the right managers, business owners need to be extremely cautious while signing on candidates as sales staff for the store floor. A keen sense of the business, inclination towards sales and a sociable personality are few of the pre-requisites that retailers should keep in mind for their sales staff.


Sales staff is a direct link...

It has often happened that I walk into a store and have been greeted by a lethargic and disinterested sales person. Half the inclination to shop for something is lost in seeing that disinterest. And many a times I have wondered why the business owner does not invest enough in hiring a sales person. After all, it is the sales staff that forms the direct link between the business/products and the customer. They are, in many ways, the face of the business, because they represent it on the floor. It is not brand ambassadors who walk up to us in a store to help us buy what we came for. Their work begins and finishes within the media. It is the sales person who carries forward the retailer’s aspiration to sell the product.


What does a sales person do?

A sales staff is meant to meet the customers’ needs. It could be in selection/trying out of products or just for knowing what a certain product is all about. It is, in short, a service to the customer. A business owner should keep in mind that despite having the best of advertising and marketing strategy, he needs to ensure that the salespeople are brand evangelists that can preach about the brand and why it is worth the customers’ investment.  Thorough knowledge about the business, its products and how to deliver these to the customer without being overly intrusive is an art the sales person needs to be well-versed with. If a customer is in a store, and the sales person is unwilling or unable to help, it is the greatest turn off of all. If the salespeople cannot provide an appropriate level of service then the business is as good as gone.


The right attitude can work wonders

Ultimately, a store's atmosphere is not determined by the choice of music or the attractiveness of your decor or displays. It is the attitude of the staff that establishes the ambience. Even the big-name mass retailers have discovered this, which is why they have employees whose job is to simply smile and greet customers as they walk through the door. Remember the three-second rule; greet and acknowledge a customer within three seconds of them entering your store. A well welcomed customer will always look forward to the experience of shopping, rather than consider it laborious to deal with daily chores.


What to keep in mind while hiring

For a business to run smoothly and to guarantee good sales of products/services the business owners need to know how to look for a qualified and suitable sales person. A plan for hiring the sales team is a must because it helps one chalk out what skills and experience are needed in the potential candidate. It enables the retailer to create a hiring system for future recruiting. While conducting interviews the key skills that should be searched out for are whether the candidate knows how to represent themselves and the business and is (s) he capable of establishing a relationship with the customers. Knowledge of how to sell the product and closing a sale are also fundamental qualities needed in a good sales person. The personality of the sales person should be of aiding and suggesting information to the customer. No one likes to walk into a store where the sales staff is haughty and cold. The best way to achieve the maximum output out of salespeople is motivation and encouragement. A pat on the back, a word of appreciation goes a long way in securing the sales person’s commitment towards the company.


It can prove to be expensive both in terms of money and time if the wrong person gets hired. Time and effort spent now will save time later in training and recruiting. It is vital to get the person who is best ‘fit’ for the company and the business to grow positively.



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