Capturing eternity within the walls of Orra

The South Extension, Delhi store of Orra is all about metamorphosing a mere jewellery outlet into a romantic saga of lights & shadows and the hues & blues.
Orra South Ex Store

Over the years ORRA has been acknowledged for its one in-a-million creations which have graced the spirit of womenhood.

Sometimes it has been the innovatve collaborations with international designers like Pierre Gauthier and Ann Demeulemeester from Belgium and Gavin Rajah from South Africa or the innovative jewellery that has emerged with ORRA's association with world renowned artists like SH Raza and Anjolie Ela Menon, that has made headlines.

Be it the jewellery or stores, the brand swears by TIMELESS designs.And this penchant for royal graduer is well portrayed in the South Ex showroom of Orra, which has been designed by SJK Architects - Shimul Jhaveri Kadri.


The play of lights and the selection of colour palate offer that dark and mystiq feel within this 3,000 sq ft store that would want one to look out for more...

Even the brand logo has been incorporated as a desin element which is evident in the steel curtail-like partition created of the brand logo set in steel.



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