Coax, cajole and haul your customers!

Every brand develops its own strategy to influence and woo its customers. Customer satisfaction and customer delight are the nuts and bolts of business growth. Read below to know more.

Customers are retailer’s biggest asset. In an era of growing consumer demands, it is no surprise that customer satisfaction and customer delight are the nuts and bolts of business growth. A lot has been said and done about customer care, and customer service. Building a strong customer relationship and wooing them has been every retailer’s anxiety. The demands of the customers have reached sky-high and with growing demands, the retailer’s job has increased tremendously to attract, and retain these new -age customers.

We share below a few tips to rope in and maintain customers: 

Expansion of customer kitty 
Reach out to more and more people, Develop and expand a large array of offerings appealing to wide range of customers. 

Customer’s expectation 
Discern and draw a logical assessment of the market and have a clear understanding of target customer’s expectations. Develop a robust strategy to woo and retain customers. 

Design to appeal
The market scenario is changing rapidly; elite brands have taken over with their dazzling displays. The customer is enamoured by the massive show of products. So, to keep pace with the elite, and attract customers add to your store vibrant colours and themes to appeal the masses. 

Effective communication
Communication is an essential channel to develop and sustain relationships. A free flowing communication between parties is critical for relationship to grow. Retailers should always listen to their customers and respond in a way that the latter feel valued and understood. Get to know the taste and preference of your consumers.

Use feedback system
Get feedback from your customers. Through feedback mechanism one would know the expectation of the customers and can further develop ways to satisfy them.  

Dole out customer delight 
Create an ambience to delight the customers. Display ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank you” signs at appropriate positions. Display articles of interest, and solve customer’s problems. 
Satisfied customer is a repeated customer
Take note, a satisfied customer is sure to be a repeated customer. This is because, a satisfied customer develops loyalty towards the store and every time he intends buying, he visits the same store.  

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