Customising persona

Marketing apparel with Mannequins has been going on for ages, but never with the force that it has today. These "silent salespeople" allow your customers to envision themselves in the clothing displayed on the mannequins - and that visual sells clothing.

Mannequins are effective advertising tools. Research shows that display mannequins pay for themselves by increasing clothing sales. If you sell apparel the better it is displayed, the better it will sell. Mannequins offer a three-dimensional view of clothing. Mannequin displays help to convey a personal feeling to your prospective customers. A mannequin personalizes a display. People can more readily identify with the style and personality of your store.

Varied Forms

Different brands are adopting to different themes and ambience which co-relates with their mannequins in display. Use your mannequin display to create a mood in your store or front window. You can create a sporty atmosphere with the use of pose able or mechanical mannequins. For example, you can have a mannequin scoring a soccer goal. This accomplishes a feeling of movement in your window. It's not the same old boring mannequin standing, facing forward, and doing nothing.

You can create a really dramatic scene that attracts a lot of attention and fuels the competitive spirit of your customers. Body language can easily be imitated to portray a feeling or situation. If you're selling children's clothing, you can use child mannequins. One example of creating a situation would be to have a little boy mannequin offering a little girl a bouquet of flowers.


Keep emotion and movement in mind as you design your display. Each mannequin should be uniquely positioned to convey a meaning or feeling to people passing by. You may even decide to move the mannequins a little bit each day to show events leading up to a grand finale. Whatever you choose, have fun with it and change your displays often. You'll keep customers interested and entertained.

The customer shops from the mannequin," said Jenny Ming, chief executive of the youth retailer Charlotte Russe, where poses for new mannequins are drawn from red-carpet celebrity pictures, and feature pierced ears, articulated fingers for rings and flexed feet for high heels. Other examples that come to mind is the concept of Nike store, who have made their mannequins taller, stronger with numerous athletic poses. Mannequin personality forms a vital part of understanding the target consumers personality and genre.

Over the next couple of years, we will surely be seeing more innovations, alterations and manipulations with the mannequins, as their characteristic role keep evolving regularly keeping in tune with the trends in the retail outlook.

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