Decoding the elements of Chumbak Store

Everything in the store has been customised to add an interesting twist to the classic lifestyle store with bright colour paints.
Chumbak Store at DLF Mall of India

Chumbak – the design led lifestyle company has been a plush synonym for the quirky designs, vibrant accessories and souvenirs. When the products are so vibrant, how can the store lag behind. Doing away with the quintessential fittings and fixtures done in moderate color contrast, Chumbak has always aimed at narrating stories through its retail outlets and its latest store at DLF Mall of India is not an exception.

Spread across 1,500 sq ft, the kitschy store is located at one of the premium locations on first floor (facing the atrium). The store has been designed by 4dimensions that has also designed stores for People, Scullers, Turtle, abof, Burgoyne, AND among others.

“Every time we open a new store, we pay attention to the smallest details in the look and feel of the space so that our customers find the same experience in all the stores across India. We love to make our customers happy and the stores are additions to our efforts in doing so,” said Vivek Prabhakar, Co-Founder of the brand.

The store brings to life the vibrancy and cheer associated with Chumbak with eclectic premium units. Daylight lighting is used all over the store to make it as bright as possible. No dark corners will be found and focus lights have been used to highlight a variety of products and general lighting has been considered to enhance browsing inside the store.


Commenting on the brand requirements, 4dimensions revealed, “We were asked to create a store that is memorable, contemporary and allows the brand to house an array of products. We aimed at elements that could leave the customers enthralled and encourage browsing. The idea was to ensure that the store resonated a happy feeling associated with the brand.”


The flooring has been customised to create zones in the store based on the merchandise. The fixtures are simple and effective following an open and modular design for various products to display a flexible story.

“While we do have a loyal group of customers who regularly visit the store and are brand advocates, first time customers are drawn towards the design of the store and because of the Chumbak experience,” adds Prabhakar.


Everything in the store has been customised to add an interesting twist to the classic lifestyle store with bright colour paints that add to the Chumbak flavour which have helped in creating the vibrancy.


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