Evaluating Retail Operations

Timely evaluations are necessary for smooth operations of your retail store and for the desired footfall and customer loyalty.
Valuing detail and time

Along with the product purchased, a customer takes with him the memory of customer service given at that particular store and keeps it on top of his mind recall along with the purchased product’s worth. And since, he is the king; he needs to be treated in a special manner.  So, in keeping with the image of the product he is buying, retail store operations need to be quick, updated and proper in matching. Hence, evaluation of store operations from time to time becomes vital to ensure not only the above but also to improve revenue, profitability, customer loyalty and individual productivity. Below are some areas of concern for a watertight functioning of a store.

Creating and maintaining a safe environment for workers and consumers is a primary concern of a retail store operation. Following proper procedures, awareness of hazards and maintenance are some of the key ingredients for achieving this. To take care of personal injury, medical equipment needs to be kept along with safety equipments in case there is a mishap like fire, burglary etc. Also, it is important to adhere to state government guidelines that outline certain requirements, such as material safety data sheets, proper storage of chemicals and related regulations for workplace safety. These safety cover by the employers will instill a confidence in associates as they will work fearlessly and in case there is a catastrophe in the shop during sale time.

Office Business Applications
Changing market conditions require agility in business applications. Service orientation answers the dispute by centering on XML and Web services standards that transfigure how developers create systems and integrate them over distributed networks.

The technology which is useful in giving stock of  item not found, item recall, item-out-of-stock, promotional item sales data transfer and supply chain etc will ensure a proper flow of value supply chain.

Managing attrition
Attrition is another area of concern so check that there is less attrition by ensuring facilities to employees and better pay check. Also, since training entails lot of expenditure, it is better to employ for a longer period. An agreement would work fine and so will employee plans and schemes, employee insurance, leaves and a congenial environment.

Promotion works
Retails today do lot of promotion works for increasing footfalls and give the feeling of belonging to the customers. The retailer’s office must know the trends of promotions. Alongside, it is also imperative that one knows how the particular promotions have fared by taking feedbacks and assessing the sale during that time. Diwali, Holi, Christmas and other festivals are right time to have these events.

Signages and promotional materials
It is also important that signages and promotional methods are updated from time to time in keeping with the evolving trend.

Discounts and Sales
Also check the upshot of sales and applied discounts to know their efficiencies.

Store operations management
This also includes other things like ensuring that the shop fitting and designs are in keeping with the modern trend and updated as per the drifts.

Customer is the King
Customer feedback is very important to determine the level of customer service, analyse the business and recognize the area of opportunity for an overall analysis of the performance.

Here is a quick check list of Evaluation of Customer Services:

    * If the shoppers were not properly informed of or did not clearly understand what to look for
    * If the shoppers lacked retail management experience and he was assisted and shown the correct departments, bill counter, and he appreciated the VM which was proper and not over flooded.
    * If the shoppers were just that…a shopper, not persons who were necessarily capable of providing meaningful feedback on the execution of your particular service standards and who is not completely aware of the impact their comments may have.
    * If the shoppers were not able to offer tangible advice on how the experience could have been bettered or improved.
    * If the shoppers were being paid for the report or feedback. Mind you, a shopper is not accountable and responsible to give accurate report. If Mystery Shopping was applied.


    * If the shoppers have approached the associates and engaged them in meaningful talks. Maybe he did not greet or approach, whether he knows how to sell, whether he is pleasant or helpful.
    * If customer reported of soiled parking area, dirty door, fitting rooms, sitting area, register area etc. The shop is smelling good and the music and lightning is proper and not over bearing.
    * If the shopper was disgruntled and his problem was solved peacefully and he did not return dissatisfied.
    * Whether the shoppers became loyal customers and repeat loyal customers etc.

For maintaining the above order, inculcate a habit of regular data from the manager.

Your shop reflects your image to the world. Make sure you don’t give any reason of complain to the customer. Ensure flawless retail store operations through regular evaluation for a good flow of bucks, a big customer base and a thorough goodwill in the market.

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