Hitting the right notes in stores
Hitting the right notes in stores

Competition is ascending in grabbing the customer attention at a first look in today’s retail environment. No one wants to be left behind when it comes to keeping quality merchandise, its visual presentation and giving maximum exposure to all the stock present in the store.


One very important factor has gained the attention of many customers, it is the right music. It’s my own experience too. Shopping for hours on weekends, that too when many retailers are open to ‘End of sale’ offers, music played a powerful emotional stimulant to me to stop in the store to check out some new stock in Flying Machine store.


Enhances the retail environment

Studies have shown that shoppers especially youngsters enjoy the background music which add flavor to the atmosphere. There is better product evaluation, and shoppers take longer time in the stores where there is music.“Music plays a crucial role in creating right ambience for its shoppers. A brand needs to identify the right kind of music in order to build an image in the minds of its TG ,” explains Vipul Mathur, Head Marketing, Lee.


Researchers have linked shopping behavior to environmental factors through changes in emotional states. Shoppers and sales associates indicated that the soothing nature of music also helped to facilitate discussions about products and services.


“It not only creates the ambience but at the same time, it helps to reinvigorate the working staff for the whole day,” explains Harkirat Singh, MD, Woodland.


Helps to sell more

“When the music is good and energetic, the customers stay back more in stores and this makes them feel fresh. Also, when customers stay back in stores for long time, they usually end up buying a pair or two of shoes,” says Mr Sushil Sachdeva, MD, Alberto Torresi.


Brand building is a blend of physical, functional, operational and psychological elements. A successful retail brand will help to build long-term demand, add some perceived value and ultimately improve sales. Consumers will be willing to pay more for a brand if there is a perceived or actual added value from their experience of using the product or service.


Music as innovation

Inspired by the year 1889, when Lee as a brand was launched, recently introduced a very unique concept of in-store radio called Radio 18.89-The Sound of Denim. Radio 18.89 would take us to the next level of standardization across all stores, as from now on all Lee stores will not only look the same but also sound the same, as Radio 18.89 will be playing the same music, same time, across all the Lee stores in the country.  Radio 18.89 goes onto build a stronger brand identity and more importantly a stronger connect with the Lee customer.


Says Mr Vipul Mathur”The identiy of the brand is known by the music played in the store. This new concept will help the Lee customers to get connected to the latest updates and contests that we will run pan India.”  Further, he feels, “ It will also help to keep control on the retail environment and not leave on the staff.”


Sound of music would not only play rock music to popular songs but also communicate

  • about product offerings & features,
  • various fits, ongoing promotions and
  • brand trivia.

With the help of visual merchandisers, retail interior designers create in-store micro-climates to engineer shopper moods and emotions. Says Yuvraj Sikriwal, Head- VM- North & East India, Lifestyle Int Pvt Ltd- Max Retail Divison , the kind of music that would suit:

  • Luxury store-- English Classical/ Instrumentals
  • Lifestyle apparel stores-- Peppy nos / Pop music
  • Restaurants-- As per the cuisine.
  • Fine Dines home decor stores--  Instrumental

Vendors can help

There are agencies that provide help to the retailers. Mainly retailers approach such agencies for getting the offer related communication recorded. In fashion retail format, the music played in the store is mainly decided by the visual merchandisers of the brands.


“We usually take the vendors locally for building the music but this time we are working with our music agency to prepare the background music especially for Woodland as a brand which identifies itself with nature, “ says Harkirat Singh, MD, Woodland. The cost can vary between Rs 5000--25000.



It is high time for the retailers to make use of innovative marketing skills to influence the attention of the consumer in making their shopping experience memorable. They need to look ahead of the traditional way of selling the product and increasing the chances of purchase.

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