Indian retailers matching the global standards

Retail business which was used to be a family business and inherited from the forefathers by most of the retailers is undergoing a drastic change. Retail today, just like any other profession requires rigorous training and knowledge. Read on to know more

Retail actually is becoming a serious business now. However, it does not mean that earlier retail was not a serious endeavour, rather now it has gained the concentration of the entire world. Indian retail industry is going through the stage of transformation. This can be attributed to the fact that lot of unorganised retailers are entering the domain of organised retailers. Brand consciousness, increased gross income of the middle class, and connectivity of the world due to technological advancements are some of the reasons responsible for the development of retail industry. As for the Indian retail industry is concerned, the foraying of international retail companies in India has given a boost to the retail industry that has become more organised business. 

No doubt, Indian retailers have graduated to compete with the standards of international retailers, yet there are various issues where Indian retailers are lagging behind their international competitors. 


Here in this article we are highlighting some issues if taken care of by the retailers or their salespersons can prove to be a boon for their retail businesses.


Showing positive gestures: Some positive gestures that a retailer or a salesperson shows towards his customers can build business more quickly.


Train your team: Word of mouth has always been a powerful means of getting the message across. It is suggested to get your team together and train them to know the framework in which they can interact with the customer.


Personalised connect: Always try to connect to the consumers and show concern for them, it will ensure return to the consumer. However, the reverse is also true if a member of your team show disrespect or annoy your consumer then the customer might not return.


Use internet: Hear the grievances of the consumers by using internet as a medium so that you can track what customers are saying about your business. This will also allow you to react quickly.


Social media sites: Get yourself familiar to social media sites like Face book, Twitter for the business so that customers can communicate more easily about you.


Control your temper: The retailer need to guard against getting his temper loosed in front of the consumers. Even if you are not at fault, you need to control  your temper as because after all consumer is the king.


Develop a training module: Give the team the ground rules so they know what they can do to develop positive attitude towards customers.


Keep your staff happy: With the purpose of developing a positive attitude in your team members happy. It can be done by rewarding them regularly with some prizes or awards.


Do not ever insult your team member: The retailer should never insult his employee in front of the consumer. Rather be neutral in case any rift occurs between the consumer and the team member.


Accept suggestions: If any consumer gives you the feedback on any issue just try to incorporate that in your day-to-day work. 


So all the Indian retailers who are the forerunners of retail businesses of their ancestors gear up now, it is time to think again and upgrade the retail business.

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