Innovation reaches try rooms!

Try rooms are given a facelift to influence the purchase decision.

Try rooms are now being given their due design importance as retailers have realised the value for this catalyst for profit generation. Earlier, we would witness drab-looking try rooms, which were inappropriate with insufficient lighting or have broken knobs. Customers would just hurriedly try outfits and come out of the try rooms.  

Today, responding to customers’ increased awareness, refined taste and brand knowledge, retailers pay attention to the much neglected changing rooms. Apart from other sections of the interior, colour coordination, lighting and fixtures, trial rooms are also being done innovatively. New designs have just begun incorporating the experiential elements of the retail brand within the trial room.  

Designing trial rooms
Designing a trial room calls for certain specifications, which are required to be kept in mind. Important from the point of view of a designer, retailer and customer as well, these include ventilation, size, sitting place, adequate hangers, lighting and mirrors. The size of the try room is of utmost importance. Dissonance can take place if the trial experience is not up to the mark. Trial rooms should be easily accessible to the consumer at any point of the store. These can be in multiple locations depending on the size of the store however should not be directly visible to a customer. Seating in the try rooms is a new addition we find in almost all apparel stores now. This gives the customer the convenience to sit down and try stuff. There should be enough space for customers to keep their bags, wallets, car keys, mobile phones etc.  

With changing consumer preferences, retailers are coming up with innovative and unique concepts for the designing of their trial rooms. These new concepts attract customers and make their shopping experience a memorable and comfortable one. The ‘Loot’ which is a multi brand discount store have made their trial rooms in such a way as to give them the look of a prison cell! Digitally, also now customers can see themselves in different dresses without actually wearing them. Some stores have equipped themselves with effective lighting which offers the day and night effect wherein a customer can view himself in a particular dress and how they would look in that dress during the day and at night. This concept of lighting is apt for those stores that sell party wear clothing and accessories. Kid stores have trial rooms with cartoon characters painted on walls with hooks for clothes to be hung which have cartoon favourites tagged on them. The look and feel of the trial room varies according to the theme and USP of the brand.  

Anything to do with the interiors of a store is not considered to be an added expenditure any more. It is rather an investment which is directly promotional to the sales and profits that a store makes. Hence, the retailers today are ready to shell out extra pennies in order to attract more customers and see them turn into prospective buyers. However, the cost of the setting up of a trial room will vary according to the structure and material which is being used. Although the average cost of setting up an ideal try room would be around Rs 35,000 for a small one and can range up to Rs 1,00,000 and above for big ones.  

So if you still have not made the changes to attract and influence the buying decision of a customer through way of your try rooms, then it’s time you go ahead and reap the benefits of having an apt try room!

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