Lifestyle's Calicut store: A bonanza of colours

Leading fashion retail chain, Lifestyle's Calicut store is a unique fusion of engaging display and vibrant fashion apparel & accessories.
Lifestyle's Calicut store: A bonanza of colours

Leading fashion retail chain, Lifestyle's Calicut store is a unique fusion of engaging display and vibrant fashion apparel & accessories.

Lifestyle stores are designed to be very customer friendly. Calicut store design is based on the concept of a 'through-and-through' visibility. A lot of research was undertaken to identify the best practices and international standards of retail. Keeping Lifestyle's brand image in mind - few key design takeaways were introduced with the new store design.

The floor plan is very open and spacious. A lot of emphasis has been laid on a sleek and minimalistic look. Each section bears a differentiated look from all the other section and yet all sections come together in unison to portray Lifestyle's brand imagery.


Wall cladding and flooring of the store:

A lot of fixtures have been mounted directly onto the walls to optimise space utilisation. Walls have the most fashionable representation and are largely feature display with coordinated representation. Mobile wall fixtures have been designed to allow partial visibility to others zones of the store. Walls have channels to fit in the shelves which are optimally spaced apart and are fitted with other display fixtures - straight arm, step arm, D bars to support front and side hanging as per the planogram requirements.According to the store's design team: ‘Lifestyle's signature look of lighter ceiling and flooring is very well represented through this new design. The floors are vitrified tiles, without a differentiated aisle space. The main aisles have a receded ceiling detail with ambient lights.'

Store lighting

Stores have ambient and focal lights, with a mix of warm and cool lights. With recessed details on the ceiling, cdmt lights serve for ambient lighting whereas there are tracks and focal lights for specific merchandise highlights on the walls and floor fixtures.


Types of Fixtures :

Fixtures are designed in accordance with the concept look and feel. The denim fixtures look dark and raw. Casual fixtures are mostly in neutral tones and designed in a way such that the colourful products are highlighted, while the fixtures and fittings themselves take a supporting role. Formal on the other hand is more clean, classy and minimal.

Most fixtures are dynamic in their usage- in our recent stores mimic complete portability. All elements can be assembled, refitted or modified at site. The designs are in sync with our philosophy that keeps us nimble and makes it easy to adapt to changing market needs.

All brand buying and therefore, customer representation happens in accordance with season's themes and key trends. Depending on the area allocated to the brand, the representation on floor is tweaked to present the offerings in the most fashionable manner.

To aid the displays on floor a two step meticulous process in followed. For starters all the merchandise carry theme/collection tags. This makes the segregation of merchandise a lot easier for the operations teams and brand staff. Secondly, there is a thoroughly detailed planogram, circulated by the VM team. This helps the front end team in displaying the merchandise to convey a story and to encourage cross selling as ensembles & categories. Most brands are detailed to the level of specific product codes, prop and VM element placement and communication visibility.


There are focal points created even in the wall profiles by way of special treatment that breaks the monotony of regular and continuous walls. This could be in terms of wallpapers or a longer/ shorter dimension of fixture. Use of veneer sheets and corian is selective but used for impact. There is use of specific light fixtures above promotion tables and focal points in ladies ethnic and denim sections.

At strategic locations across the floor plates, mannequin clusters have been placed to highlight most fashionable and trendy offering from the collections. Each cluster has its own look which fits into the section representation.


The leading floor of lifestyle stores start with the chic make up, cosmetics and personal accessories product. This area -especially the sunglasses and watches section are more brightly lit than the whole of the stores. We also use differential lighting within the other section- though this concept is better accepted in brand stores.

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