Makeover with lights

A brightly lit store would attract more customers than a dimly lit store. People go out to shop to liven up their mood and would never want to go to a dull store. Lights can do the magic for a store, let's find out how…
The lighting effect

Retail therapy as shopping is referred to, is all about uplifting one’s mood and people would always want to shop at lively spaces. Colours, fixtures, signages, display etc are important aspects of a store but it is the lighting which brings out the essence of all these facets. If all the other essentials are taken care of but the store does not have adequate lighting, all other things will also loose their grace. Apple spends thousands of dollars on its lighting designs and specifies only the best lighting gear and uses an expensive control system to present a bright and attractive interior space for customers.  

Types of lighting you can use
There are a lot of options available today for lighting up a store. You can pick and choose different kinds to enhance your store’s outlook. Here are a few options you can look at:

To adjust the lighting for different situations or to balance the general and accent lighting levels, you should use dimmers.


Down lights

Luminous down lights can provide general illumination if radiant flood lamps are used. Choose deeper fixtures and darker, even black baffle trim to hide the light source and reduce glare. Eyeball swivel fixtures allow direction of the light to spotlight displays.


Emergency lighting 
Emergency Lighting supplies battery back-up illumination when the power goes out. There are combination exit signs / emergency lights that accomplish both tasks while saving installation and maintenance cost.


Fluorescent fixtures 
Fluorescent fixtures are energy efficient and provide even brightness. Use lay-in fixtures if you have a hung ceiling or wraparounds for surface mounting. Indirect lighting can be accomplished by placing basic linear fluorescent fixtures behind covers.

Track lights 
Track lights add dramatic accents. Use them to highlight artwork on the walls, a fireplace or just a mantel display.  
Directional lights 
Perfect for decorative lighting effects where you don't want to install track lights or recessed lights. Use surface-mounted spotlights and directional lights to highlight pictures and architectural elements in hallways, offices, conference rooms and other areas where task lighting is needed. 

Benefits gained
Paying due importance to the aspect of lighting can work wonders for your store. Aptly highlighting merchandise with use of lights that go with it, can convert a passerby into a potential customer. Contrast is the key so to stand out; an object needs to be at least three times brighter than its surroundings. Instead of trying to make the entire store bright, aim lights at the products you want your customers to notice. A lot of jewellery retailers, showcase their collections in show windows by ways of effective lighting, which bring out the elegance and poise of the jewellery pieces thus bringing in customers to the store who would start looking at merchandise starting from the one that caught their eye. So that is the kind of effect appropriate lighting brings to you.  

What you can do?
Over the years, technology has also changed with respect to lighting. New technology has improved lighting techniques which help them to render colours more precisely. This is essential for a customer as he can see the true colour of merchandise which effects his decision making process. ‘Cool white’ fluorescent lights should be replaced with colour-corrected fluorescent bulbs to improve the colour of lighting in your store. Light-coloured or shiny walls, floors and ceilings reflect light so you can get newer paint job to brighten up your store. 
Of course, nothing beats natural light, so if it's feasible, you may want to consider installing skylights to bathe your store in sunshine. A timely replacement of the burned-out bulbs and re-aim lights when displays are changed. Hiring a professional lighting consultant is also an option you can look at to get help to get systems in place. It is also very important that you reassess the effectiveness of your lighting system every few years so you can upgrade with the altering technology.  

So if lighting is something you did not really pay attention to, then it is time you give it due consideration to rev up your sales.


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