Mannequins: sculptures of success

Mannequins have always been an influential aspect of every retail display. A meticulous and attractive exhibit of mannequins can help your customers zero-in on buying their preferred merchandise. Let us find out how…

In a retail outlet, there are multiple ways to showcase a brand and promote sales growth. Of these, the use of mannequins to exhibit merchandise is of great importance. The word ‘mannequin’ comes from the Dutch word manneken, literally meaning 'little man'. A mannequin is an assembled model of the human body used by retailers to demonstrate their products, especially to exhibit the draping of apparel.

The look of a store is imperative for the promotion of a brand. The use of mannequins at appropriate locations brings out the desired effect in a retail store. Mannequins when used must reflect the concept of the brand and for that, the kinds of mannequins to be used should be decided cautiously. With the use of mannequins, it is easier to sell additional items to the customer as something on display may attract and engage them into buying instantly. Disproportionate display of mannequins in a store brings down the image of the brand and may fail to influence the consumers’ buying decision.


The look
Mannequins are well-crafted work of the sculptors, who bring spirit to the mannequins. These are available in various formats and postures. However, in a retail store, mannequins in the form on men, women, and children are mostly used. Further, depending on the trade, it can be in the form of with head, headless or just the torso and so on. The various postures include seated, reclined, sitting and standing. Some inflatable mannequins are also available in the market. 

Mannequins with glass eyes, real hair, and facial expressions are now quite the trend. Apart from this, a hairstyle may also be carved on the mannequin while being manufactured. In addition to this, skin texturing and pigmentation are also shown in some mannequins. Multiple layers of paint are used to achieve the appearance of human-like skin and the use of prosthetic eyes further enhances the lifelike quality of mannequins to maximise effect. 

Now every retail outlet makes use of these mannequins to display different expressions and moods. With these variations, they bring vim and vigor to the store. 

Benefits gained
Mannequins help a retailer in many different ways. As and when a new fashion trend hits the market, they are the first ones to showcase it. It is through them, we get to know about the latest collections of clothing that have arrived at a particular store. Some retailers upgrade or dress the mannequins on regular basis and change the get-up as soon as new merchandise arrives in the store. Mannequins also give an appeal to the product while letting customers know how a particular piece of merchandise would look once worn. This helps them to procure a piece of merchandise quickly. Subsequently in a way we can say that mannequins are beneficial not only for retailers but also for the clientele. 

Different sectors have different styles
Mannequins are being used at almost all of the stores. The role of mannequins has soared over the years and retailers are also realising the importance of this. The use of mannequins varies from merchandise to merchandise and from sector to sector. The first sector anyone would think of when we talk of mannequins is apparels. The apparel industry is one sector which makes extensive use of mannequins to display their merchandise. Hats, gloves etc and other accessories are also displayed on the mannequins along with clothing to complete a look for customers to be able to perceive their own look. Mannequins are also used for the display of jewellery where neckpieces, earrings, rings, bangles, nose rings, anklets and bracelets are displayed on them. Here full mannequins may not be used and mannequins just with a head or hands or feet may be used. Mannequins are used to display footwear as well. Full body mannequins or those of just feet may be used. Mannequins for presenting eyewear may also use used by some retailers. Here chiefly mannequins with just a head are used.


Proper maintenance 
Mannequins in a store look good if maintained properly. A broken or ill fitted mannequin can have an adverse effect. Hence, to keep up the image, maintenance of mannequins is very important. Any chipping of the paint or colour, cracks or broken parts, scratching and for any other damage there should be a periodic check. Thus, as and when required, new mannequins should be replaced with old ones.  

So, the next time you design your store, use your mannequins effectively to cash in more profits.  

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