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Though consumers buying sentiment is improving, retailers are facing hard time to bring back a part of cautious customers into their store. READ ON!
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Though consumer’s buying sentiment is improving, retailers are facing hard time to bring back the category of cautious customers into their store. Delve into the detail of categories of customers and their priorities…. 

It is interesting to know that the retail fraternity divides its customers into three categories. The first category consists of buyers who have recently lost their jobs due to the global economic recession. These above mentioned buyers have a pre-planned list for shopping and they do not prefer buying any products out of the list. The second category comprises customers who have safe jobs and high disposable income. But these customers come under the category of cautious buyers as they are affected by their friends who have lost their jobs. The third category of customers incorporates people who have sound income but compare themselves to their previous income. Enticing and engaging customers to shop from you is dependent on sales effectiveness of your frontline retail staff. 

The study synopsis
Recently Grass Root Group, (a performance improvement company, operating in 16 countries) carried out a study across seven countries in Asia Pacific region. This survey attempts to understand how effectively a particular product, be it a laptop, printer, television or software, is being sold by various multi-brand retail outlets. The findings of the study revealed that IT & Consumer Electronic majors in India may be losing up to Rs 84 lakh per store annually due to poor sales effectiveness. Though the study has not taken consideration on grocery, apparel, fashion and accessory retailing in India, the findings of the study is surely alarming. Charoo Agarwal, Managing Director, Grass Roots India, suggest, “I would suggest that retailers should explore opportunities for a stronger engagement between their frontline sales team and the brands. Training staff is no longer enough; they need to take an altogether holistic approach of understanding, engaging, equipping and motivating the sales people to represent the brand more effectively and hence save on the opportunities being lost currently.” Besides, to add a zing on your sales effectiveness, you should try: 

First Impression lasts long
To entice the second and third group of customers, believe in the saying as, first impression is the last impression. You can leave an excellent impression on your customer’s first by offering him a unique shopping experience. How? Well, your store should give a well designed, clean and professional environment that will create the first good impression about your store.  
Greet them with smile
Whenever your customers make entry into your store, greet them with a smile. This will make them feel comfortable. Be prompt in serving and in understanding the need of those cautious customer groups. If you are not prompt in serving your customers, they may walk out from your store. 

Establishing the need of the customer
Listen to your customers without any interruption; ask those open ended questions which will help initiating a discussion with them. The discussion will leave a positive note in your customer’s mind and will further add on to your profit as it will make your customer buy something from you. 

Closing the deal
Never ever let your customers walk out of your store without purchasing a single thing. If your customers did not get what they were asking for naturally they will walk out of the store. Why don’t you ask them for something additional like mouse along with computers? Thinking on the additional demands of the customers who visit your store will contribute to close the deal with your customers. All well if it ends well!

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