Railway stations on the track of fast food fervour

At railway stations, if all you hear is hawking tea sellers and the like, there is something more for your palate. People travelling to and fro from the Old Delhi station will be seen spelling out 'I'm lovin it'. Wondering why? Read on..
McDonalds t the Old Delhi Railway Station

If we ask you to opt for a location for opening a store your mind will wander around the option of a high street or a mall. But that is not where the innovative retailer is expanding. He is going a step further and broadening his horizon of opportunities for store locations and is opting for other high traffic locations like railway stations and bus stands. Emerging as a potential retail destination for brands, they are all working towards capturing a greater share of the pie. 

Railway stations have fairly untapped potential which is now being exploited by the retail fraternity. The forerunner in the field is Comesum which runs a 24 hour outlet at the Nizamuddin Railway Station offering various cuisines. The outlet is such a success that it is bustling with people not only during the day time but more so during the wee hours at night. Surya Food & Agro which owns ‘Priyagold’ brand of biscuits also rolled out over 200 kiosks at railway stations across the country after it got the permission from IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation).  

The latest on the block is McDonalds, which opened its first 24-hour outlet at the Old Delhi Railway Station. This is also a first from any of the organised food players. The objective of opening the outlet is to provide convenient food service to both passengers and the public.

The main attraction that lured the retailers to this destination is the consumer traffic. Railway stations especially the Delhi Railway Station is hustling with people not just through the day but also throughout the night. Vikram Bakshi, Managing Director, McDonald’s India (Northern and Eastern Region) said, “We have always been attracted by the great market potential around the Old Delhi Railway Station. The place is teeming with people - travellers or those coming to receive or see people off all through out the day. Our new offering will be a boon to travellers, especially those who often need to catch trains at odd hours.” So now not only will you be able to grab your favourite Mc Donald’s burger at the railway station, you also have the convenience of doing it anytime around the clock! 

IRCTC has also laid down plans to run food plazas at various railway stations. So be on the lookout and you might just find your favourite food brand at the railway station in your city! 


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