Retail merchandisers put up the show

With the new season comes the anxiety of new trends, all of us are eager to know what do the stores have in stock for us…And when we go to buy, we want to know the sizes and colours that are available so we can make the best choice… But have y
Retail merchandisers

A retail merchandiser is the one who runs the show in the true sense. It is him who has the responsibility of ensuring that the merchandise reaches the right store at the right time and in the right quantity. He makes sure that all the products are up to the mark for their stores.

Job profile

Your work as a retail merchandiser involves working closely with the buying team to accurately forecast trends that would be in vogue for the upcoming season. Also you need to plan the stock levels and monitor the response of the merchandise. While buying is not on your job profile, you need to devise related details like the budget for purchase, Number of lines to be created, and in what quantities. You need to ensure whether the purchases have been made at the correct price and also need to plan for the promotions and markdowns as and when required.

Employers expectations

The employers would want to recruit the best for this job as the sales and the company image would to a great extent depend on the decisions made by the retail merchandiser. They usually prefer to recruit a person whose qualification includes a business or mathematical subject, such as marketing, retail management, business management, or economics. Some retailers have also made available a few training programmes and schemes for new entrants. You job profile demands more of office work but you might have to travel to visit stores and suppliers, and to attend trade shows.

Future prospects

We can comprehend that the role of a retail merchandiser is vital for a brand. So if he plays such a vital role without which the merchandise cannot make it to the stores, his demand would always be there. With more names joining the retail bandwagon, we can see a lot of opportunity and growth in this sector.


Career Path

Retail Merchandiser Assistant > Retail Merchandiser > Senior Merchandisers > Retail Merchandising Manager > Retail Merchandising Director



  • Planning product ranges and preparing sales and stock plans in conjunction with buyers
  • Liaising with buyers, analysts, stores, suppliers and distributors
  • Forecasting profits and sales
  • Optimising the sales volume and profitability of designated product areas
  • Planning budgets
  • Controlling stock levels based on forecasts for the season
  • Gathering information relating to the customer’s response for products
  • Analysing previous season's sales and reporting on the current season's lines
  • Identifying production and supply difficulties and dealing with them as and when they occur
  • Managing, training and supervising staff
  • Tracking the delivery of stock, ensuring goods arrive on time and meet quality standards
  • Visiting stores to see how products are selling.

Employers include

  • Fashion retailers
  • Department stores
  • Multiple chain stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Wholesale suppliers
  • Internet retailers and television shopping providers.
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