Rustan's Group launches new department store concept 'Wellworth' in Philippines

The design features of the store include wooden slats around the boundaries.
Asian architecture with modern western features

The Rustan’s Group in the Philippines has launched a new department store concept – Wellworth – that caters to middle-class customers. 

Developed by the Blocher Blocher Partners of Stuttgart, the design features of the store include wooden slats around the boundaries – all over the store.

Inside, the slats are carried forward as a multi-storey design element in the central atrium.

The challenge was to ensure the best orientation of the products and to do justice to each department’s special identity.

Clear lines of orientation 

The basement is home to children’s department, with its multi-coloured decor; ground floor is for beauty and menswear, done in contrasting black and white.

 Sports and women’s fashion are located on the first floor, and the second floor is for home improvement - with everything from décor to furniture to household electronics. 

The design team has created clear lines of orientation by so-called boulevards that run the entire length of each floor, functioning as a main axis. With the dark tiles and ceilings, the boulevards stand out from the rest of the floor, which is done in light gray.

 In the home department, the boulevard’s dark tiles are varied with antique Spanish mosaic tiles, which lend a homey atmosphere.


Besides, each floor has a unique ‘world’ distinguished by its design, like the sports department with its brick walls and ceiling light boxes with nature motifs. 

As a result, this store has become a ‘destination’ in Manila. 

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