See them talk while they dazzle

You have worn them, owned them and now see them talk. The new age jewellery display windows have created a niche in themselves. Let us find out how…
Jewellery  Display

Shoppers promenading along the malls encounter no shortage of displays of alluring jewellery, with bracelets of Bvlgari, or the panache threads of Versace and Louis Vuitton. Jewellery and accessory displays truly provide breathtaking views of such remarkable pieces of creation. Through window displays today’s retailers worldwide are heavily banking on the concept of visual merchandising. There was a time when technology and display windows were far stretched and could not be combined together. However, with changing times the value for window displays has also changed. A recent example is the watch display by Philip Stein which featured touchpad computers for customers to view varied watch models by the designer, allowing them not just to view but also to customise their selection in terms of colour and style. With the use of innovative ideas to create an awe-inspiring view, jewellery display windows now use glass, mirror, wood, metal, cloth, colour and so on to allow the jewels to talk to you.


Targeting the right emotion

No doubt, women have always been obsessed with jewellery. So the target audience for most of the jewellery stores are women, of 15 to 70 years of age. From big life size diamond rocks to glittering necklaces, displays aim to tickle the emotional cord of a buyer.


Selecting an Idea

According to Rajeev Garg, COO, Fine Jewellery, “The idea to a jewellery display window should be in accordance with the brand’s character and the philosophy behind it.” He further adds “Each display needs to be attractive but also not over the top and garish jewellery demands elegance and class to woo a customer and not find it jarring for the eye.”  The displays can be on themes, occasions or a matter of complete imagination.  We look into the three main aspects of creating a perfect window display for jewellery with a traditional base and a touch of modernity:


  • Electronic Display

The most recent and attractive window displays have been the ones where amount of tangible jewellery is less to see yet the customer gets to see an entire collection a store might have. Confusing as it might seem, this is through the power of technology where a single computer screen can display jewellery to one’s heart’s desire. The idea behind electronic displays came up largely to attract customers and also to avoid the risk of robbery. It is safe, secure and amendable as designs can be displayed and changed within seconds through a computer click.


  • Lighting

As believed light plays a major role in bringing life to a room, a house or a display window. Lighting of a jewellery store should be magical and exquisite. An overpowering light display can have no buyers since it might overshadow the jewellery itself. For example, the new collections of LED lights are a rage with visual merchandisers and a hit with the customers who seem to have been quite attracted to them.


  • Colour Palette

The lighting of the show window needs to be subtle yet classy. Pale colours are an absolute no-no since each piece of jewellery looks better with rich colours. Jewellery was once considered royal and regal and rich colours were associated with them. Colour being a visual perceptual asset can be associated with sentiment, special moments and is gender specific.  For example, a gold colour on the display window would bring glitz and glamour to the entire set up.


These three aspects may seem simple however; putting them into action takes a lot of creative effort. For a retailer, the cost of a window is worth the effort only when it’s well appreciated and talked about. The display that talks and appeals to the masses is the one which has a story to connect with, a scene to imagine, and a tale to be written.

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