Sound floor plan makes an impact

Be it the colour combination, texture or design of the floor, nothing works best individually for a retail outlet. But an amalgamation of all of these, gives the retail floor a well designed finish. Let us find out how...

Floors are an important aspect of interior designing as they offer an excellent platform to enhance the look of a retail store. A well designed floor, to a great extent gives the retail store a competitive edge over other stores and helps to form a long lasting impression on the consumers, further encouraging them to purchase. Floor plans can very effectively make a difference to the outlook of a store. Seamless terrazzo, contemporary resins, store carpets, industrial epoxies are just a handful of flooring products offered for the retail sector today.  

Apt flooring plan 
The apt plan for a store depends on the nature of the store and the class of retail. However, the bottom line for choosing any floor plan is to streamline business operations to minimise the expenditure and incompetence while improving the sale figures and profits. Also another point that should be kept in mind while creating the floor plan is that it should be easy for customers to browse through the store and have an easy access to the merchandise. The layout should also be functional for employees making it easier for them to offer help to the customers.

Store floor plans
Floor plans have a direct impact on the customers experience at a store and it makes an impression as soon as they walk in to the store. Floor plans and the layout of a store solely depend on the category of merchandise and the allocated budget to carry out the required designing. Here are some store layouts that are widely used by retailers:  

· Straight floor plan: The straight floor plan is an excellent store layout which can be applicable to any type of retail store. In such a floor plan, the walls and fixtures are used to create small spaces within the retail store. It is also one of the most economical of all floor plans.  

· Diagonal floor plan: Self-service category of retail stores makes use of the diagonal floor plan. In this floor plan, movement and traffic flow in the store is smooth. The use of this plan offers excellent visibility for cashiers as well as the customers.  

· Angular floor plan: The curves and angles of fixtures and walls of an angular floor plan make this plan an expensive one. However, the soft angles craft an enhanced traffic flow all through the store. It is best used for high-end specialty stores.  

· Geometric floor plan: The geometric floor plan makes use of racks and fixtures to create an appealing and exceptional type of store design without being expensive. It is best suited for clothing and apparel stores.  

· Mixed floor plan: The mixed floor plan is a combination of the straight, diagonal and angular floor plans. It helps generate the most functional store design.  

Floor graphics 
Floor graphics is an avenue that can be explored very effectively to plan the floor for a store in accordance with the retail merchandise. A kids store for example can have store floors that have cartoon figures, or games like ludo or snakes and ladder and the like painted on the floors. This will further add appeal to the store and make it exciting for the kids that come in to the store. Logos and graphics related to the merchandise available in the store can add brightness to the floors. These graphics can be put either indoor or outdoor. Varieties of graphics are available today and can be created as well. These come with lamination and UV coating, to enhance their durability, as the wearing out will be quite a bit. The use of 3D images can add an exciting look to the store.

End note
So if you are planning to open a new store, a contemporary floor finish will help you build up on your sales and shoot up your profit margins.

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