The subtle saga of colours at Indianink

The Jaipur based store of Indianink - the ethnic wear brand of Suditi Industries intends to stike a contrast between subtle base and colourful range of products.
The subtle saga of colours at Indianink

Addressing the need of Indian wear brand (which are very few in the cluttered market) Suditi Industries has opened the doors of its ethnic retail brand Indianink. Displaying a range that is perfect blend of contemporary yet traditional designs, the store of Indianink at Raja Park, Jaipur boasts of a sense of Indian culture. Spanning across 800 sq. ft, the store has been designed by Arch Design.

Elucidating the thought behind designing the store, Ajay Nihalani, CEO - Indianink, Suditi Design Studio Ltd said, “The first idea was to bring out the core essence of the brand on the store layout. We wanted to develop a retail store that displays cultural designs blended with modern look & feel.”

A combination of traditional-inspired yet modern design of the store improvise productivity by attracting walk-ins, ambiance that increases the dwell time of the customer, ease of movement, develop design elements and touch points that prompt purchase. Beige wooden backdrop gives the right amount of subtleness required to highlight the vibrant collection, while the stainless steel hangings allow a better display.

“The in-depth brief allowed the designs to re-create a layout that matched our requirements. The store fixture allows more visual display of the garment. The structure developed has benefited an ease of movement even during rush hours,” adds Nihalani.

The store offers some of the most elegant & stylish apparels, giving an ultimate experience to the shopper. And to create an ambience that compliments every collection and story-line of the garment, the store has been characterised by delicate carving with bright colors. With its aim to craft apparel that women love & inspire, the brand is working towards providing best of fashion styles that are determined to spread its presence through iconic retail hubs.

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