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E-commerce is the digital revolution for business transaction. This sector is fast catching up with so many business portals getting into business. The segment is witnessing rapid growth with the increasing penetration of the Internet and for the convenience it provides to the time-strapped consumers. The articles explore the tailor-made technology that caters to e-commerce.

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Regardless of the age, gender and location, today a large set of people are using mobile wallets in order to communicate with their favourite brands for sales, offers, coupons and loyalty programs etc. From shopping electronic items to groceries, mobile wallets have become an ultimate channel of making payments especially among

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In recent times, the Indian retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries. Entry of new players in the market, latest initiatives by the government and increase of foreign direct investment in the sector are the driving factors for the exponential growth. Technology also plays an important role in

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Today a smartphone is everything. It's a phone (primarily), a music player, personal organiser, social media manager, camera, video and what not, but is it safe enough to become your wallet as well? Digital payment industry in India is splurging at an unprecedented pace and is predicted to grow even bigger in the years to come. It

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Freecharge has taken covers off from its Unified Payments Interface (UPI) on Monday. The company has launched the service in association with Axis Bank and it equips the users with an option of instant transactions from a smartphone using a virtual payment address (VPA). In order to enroll to the service, customers need to create

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Mobile apps are radically transfiguring the global digital scenario. Customers of the 21st century, especially the millennials, are moving at warp speed to keep up with evolving technologies so as to stay updated on everything happening around them. Smartphones play a crucial role in the lives of modern consumers as they prefer

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One97 Communications is continuing on its global expansion spree by taking its digital platform to Western Europe and the US markets through strategic acquisitions. The digital goods and value-added services division of Paytm has already marked its international presence in Africa and also has scheduled launch lined up for Indonesia,

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The age of discounts, sadly, is coming to an end.  For e-retailers, VC money is getting harder to come by and investors are, more and more, demanding metrics such as revenues and conversions. There is an increased focus on driving more revenues and hence profits. Even the government, a few weeks ago, released a set of rules

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Hal Varian, in his seminal paper ‘A Model of Sales’, further remarks that most retail markets are instead characterized by a rather large degree of price dispersion. Do you know how much your products are worth? How low are you willing to price an item to compete with another e-commerce retailer? Today, online

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The global internet and ecosystem conglomerate, LeEco has gear up to make in mark in retail ecosysytem of India. Moving swiftly, the Chinese conglomerate has set the plans to launch its eCommerce portal in India by next week. After creating a niche space in the Indian smartphone market, the company is soon unveiling LeMall -- its

BY Gargi Bhardwaj  |  Jun 03, 2016  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

FreeCharge, now India’s fastest growing digital payments platform (as revealed by Nielson study) has announced its partnership with OYO, one of the largest branded network of hotels in the country. With this partnership, consumers can use the Freecharge wallet to pay across OYO platforms in less than 10 seconds for over 5500

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Ginny Kohli identifies five key expectations any start-up would have from Govt’s ‘Twitter Seva’, the helpline to get instant and timely support from the Govt on any issue pertaining to their start-ups. The Seva will provide people with timely response from the Government on questions about funding, regulation for

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From the first fire to shooting giant space shuttles in the sky, the reason why mankind prospered and evolved so much is because it has always held a curious fascination for the latest. The invention of the internet generated a somewhat similar interest, making people explore the Pandora’s Box hidden inside. With more and

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Dhruva Chandrie, COO, Shop CJ Network explains how tech can take care of customers becoming pro-digital from retail sales standpoint.    Connected retail: the game changer Technology continues to evolve rapidly and new innovations come into play. Connected retail is a platform that provides integrated, digitally

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Tech giant Apple will set up an iOS app design and development centre in Bengaluru to support developers in India creating innovative mobile apps for its iOS platform. Apple chief, Tim Cook, who arrived in the country last night, is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other officials as part of his trip. The

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Retailer media caught up with the co-founder of Fashalot, Rishi Batra, who revealed how pivoting your business idea requires mad conviction to get through! Fashion and lifestyle collectively is a USD-100-billion industry in India. 99 per cent of retail market is offline and only 1 per cent is online, making it a huge play for

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