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A cursory look at any modern food & grocery retail store across formats and cities reveals a far greater percentage of men in the workforce than women. In most such stores and formats, women don’t seem to comprise more than 10-15% of the workforce when their number should be at least 3 times higher, if not more! While

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India's eCommerce industry has taken the world of retail by storm and captured the creativity of an entire generation of entrepreneurs. Online retail represents a small fraction of eCommerce space which has become one of the fastest growing segments. In today’s world of online retail, logistics play a key role in

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Grocery shopping is one of life’s social activities, religiously carried out by people in their day-to-day lives. In India, groceries are usually bought in local ‘Kirana’ stores, a place that is both a marketplace and a social hub where you meet & greet your neighbors and exchange local news. However, challenging

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In India, the proliferation of eCommerce players has been a big disruptor in the retail scenario, given the humongous discounts and flash sales every now and then besides wider choices and ease of procurement. Locking horns with the online grocery retailers, Kishore Biyani's Future Group has announced a discount scheme on the

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Let’s straight away come to the point: a. Margins are low. Generally in between 0 to 15%. Its like selling medicines. Even medicines have a retail margin of 5 - 15%. b. Consumers are not willing to pay for delivery costs/extra costs. We've seen that convenience can be charged, but in the online grocery eco-system,

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Groceries are the basic need of life. You can eliminate movies from your weekend entertainment routine and stop dining out, but you can’t survive without soaps, toothpaste, vegetables, and other monthly ration. Busy consumers of the cities are so engrossed in their daily lives that they are not able to squeeze out time for basic

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Your time is surely valuable; keeping that in mind Big Basket now delivers products at your doorstep in just 60 minutes. The new Express Delivery service of Big Basket allows users to select a range of products and get them delivered to the customer’s doorstep within 60 minutes. This service is presently available in 8 cities

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The sale of groceries witnesses no halt, irrespective of a country's state of economy. However, caught in the city's fast pace, tedious commuting and long working hours, many consumers don't have the time to buy groceries and hunt for ways to get it done without any hassles. The advent of online grocery has made this chore

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Supporting its environment-friendly initiatives, online grocery retailer BigBasket has signed on a range of electric vehicles to increase efficiencies and cut down on operating costs. The company, which is expected to close a fresh round of funding with participation from International Finance Corporation and others, has recently

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As the hyperlocal business models continue to grapple with challenges in the country, yet another player in the space has started facing the heat. This time, the hyperlocal grocery delivery app PepperTap, has decided to shut down operations in ten cities including metros like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The app will now only operate

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Today, online multistore Bigbasket started its Uttar Pradesh operations with Lucknow as its first centre. Bigbasket, as a brand claims to offer over 15,000 products in the grocery and household segment. The company is already operating in 12 cities and is popular among customers to deliver fresh quality produce at competitive prices.

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2015 was an interesting year for FMCG and services industries in India. Luxury goods, soft drinks and consumer foodservice benefitted the most from consumers’ increased discretionary spending. In contrast, tobacco and alcoholic drinks growth continued to be restricted due to strict government regulations. Additionally, ban on

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US retail giant Walmart Store Inc has recently announced that it will open 15 more cash-and-carry stores in Andhra Pradesh and will set up a centre for sourcing agriculture products from local farmers around the vicinity. Commenting on the same, Krish Iyer, President & CEO, Walmart India, said, “the company has three stores

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Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali products have gained huge momentum in almost no time. The FMCG products of the brand have shown exponential sales. Retail joints such as Big Bazaar, Spencer’s Retail, Reliance Retail etc. have reported Patanjali products such as ghee, honey, chawanprash, instant noodles, shampoo and juices

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Hyperlocal grocery startup Grofers has finally decided to shut down its operations in nine cities of the country. The company will no longer serve in the following cities: Coimbatore, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, Ludhiana, Mysuru, Bhopal, Rajkot, Nashik and Bhubaneswar. A couple of months back, the company halted its operations in some

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