Now Nandini dairy products are available in Mumbai
Now Nandini dairy products are available in Mumbai
Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), one of the largest dairy co-operative has launched its milk and curd brand, Nandini in Mumbai.
The existing brand, which have firmed their roots already in Mumbai are Amul, Gowardhan, Mahanad and Gokul. Now Nandini is going to establish its brand value in Mumbai from scratch. Though Nandini claims to be India's second largest dairy co-operative with around 6.6 million farmers directly associated with it.
KMF has launched two cow milk variants including Nandini Special—pasturised special toned milk with 4 percent fats and 9 percent solid not fat (SNF) and Nandini Toned milk- pasturised toned milk with 3 percent fat and 8.5 percent SNF.
The company claims that the milk can be consumed directly without heating. 
P Nagaraju, Chairman, KMF, expressed his views saying that the main motive behind the launch is to reach out to more health conscious consumers with quality products. He further added that KMF has sold 20,000 litres of milk on the very launch day and it aims to achieve the mark of 5 lakh litres per day of sale in one year.
So, Karnataka is milk surplus of 2.6 million litres which KMF uses currently for production of milk powder and other derivatives of milk including curd, sweets, cheese, butter etc.
He also added that Karnataka government gives Rs.4 a litre as subsidy and thus paying its farmers a sum total of Rs.28 a litre, which is the highest that any milk brand pays its farmers. And that's why it is targeting the unorganized sector players, who supply accumulatively 2.6 million litres of milk to Mumbai every day.
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