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Skilled manpower is imperative for retail to evolve and catch up the newer trends. Articles herein talk about the skill development, problems, precautions and ways to solve them.

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India's emerging home delivery industry encounters competition in courier services, meal aggregation and Internet-first restaurants with on-demand delivery boys  Arvind Kumar is a commerce undergrad who attends classes by day and turns into an errand boy for a mobile application driven meal delivery startup after

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Nikesh Arora, Vice-chairman, SoftBank has resigned from boards of companies such as Snapdeal, Ola and Housing, and will now mentor these organizations instead. He is stepping down six months after the company invested in what are regarded as three most exciting start-ups of the country. On the Housing board, Nikesh Arora will be

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Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) has announced Rajat Banerji, National Head Corporate Affairs at Amway India, as its new chairman. "Our immediate aim is to work towards a policy framework for direct selling with the Government and stakeholders. We will encourage and maintain an environment where members can operate

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By Udit Mittal, MD, Unison International The expanse of retail industry is the reason of its constantly burgeoning requirement of human resources. Dispersed across multiple domains, retail is one of the largest industries. Retailing has evolved, being integrated with new technologies, electronic payment systems and dynamic

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New Delhi: Lifestyle International has been declared as the best workplace in retail Sector 2nd year in a row, says a study by Great Place To Work Institute and Retailers Association of India. 'This award is a testament to our people oriented polices and our constant commitment to create a growth oriented and a vibrant

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New Delhi: Loyalty management company Aimia and TRRAIN have recently unveiled a study that gives an insight to what does it take to become a crdible retail associate. The research indicates that Retail Associates that demonstrate exemplary customer service and are characterized by similarity in backgrounds, personality traits and

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The human resources department is viewed as key to a retailer’s success and is no longer viewed as simply performing a ‘support’ function. The retail sector in the country is characterised by experimentation and risk taking, and the resulting implications for HR managers to recruit and retain suitable employees to

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Employees are the greatest assets for a retailer. Looking at the retail competitiveness, it is imperative to make sure the organisation is backed by the right employees.  The concern doesn’t end with the hiring of skilled personnel; it goes on to hiring them for the right job profile. Why the suitability? Be it the

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When we talk of attrition in retail, we usually refer to the lower end of the spectrum, however, lately, the focus has shifted to the top of the shack. About 15 and over shifts reported in the past three months. Is something shaky up there? Some move, some don’t While some brands see a lot of movement, others relatively

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The need for skilled manpower has been one of the biggest challenges plaguing the industry for a long time now. But, even though the solution to this is nowhere in sight, the future does not look bleak. It is a well known fact in the industry that properly trained retail staff delivers high customer service and higher value sales

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Recession has encouraged employers to re-focus on their core business, realising that a smaller core workforce that was well trained and technologically astute was more effective and nimble than their pre-recession staff.  In 2010, contract placements are found in nearly every profession in verticals like manufacturing, IT,

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Complaints should not be seen as head-ache in the retail business. Retailers are finding ways to scramble the customer base but do not pay much heed to the after sales services. It is one of the main concerns in order to retain the business seriously. Grievances and complaints by the customers are insights of great importance and

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Well, the crux is  right inside their retail; all that they have to do is to do a little recce and apply VPI(Vendor Performance Initiative) that is nothing but exploring (a set of) opportunities in the business to improve profits. VPI approach A vendor or retailer will spot all profit making areas and loss making areas.

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Employee retention and motivation of staff has become the major concern for HR department in the retail industry. Looking at the strenuous schedules and tasks involved in the retail industry, it becomes imperative for HR staff to take good care of their employees who form the building blocks of their retail chain. The undercurrents

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Today, the urge to become an entrepreneur is rising among the urban youth who are willing to quit their jobs and become their own bosses. And the booming Indian retail sector is providing them that environment where they can aspire to fulfill their ambition. Even though the penetration of the organised retail in Indian market is much

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