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Skilled manpower is imperative for retail to evolve and catch up the newer trends. Articles herein talk about the skill development, problems, precautions and ways to solve them.

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Earlier people were encouraged to attend all types of training. Yes, we had apprenticeships and those schemes are still doing an excellent job. But, we also had Proficiency Test Training in skills with competency exams linked to wage awards. Industries had training boards that provided training in interpersonal skills at work,

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The job of a retail employee is very demanding as he is required to work nine hours every day, which is physically exhausting and emotionally draining. To use the maximum potential of an employee, the retail brands should understand the implications, and tactfully implement some remedial policies.     Harnessing optimum

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For every business owners, the secret behind the success of their business is to keep the list of their loyal consumers intact. Sales staffs are endowed with the tasks of gratifying the consumers so as to attract and retain them. For this, they need to provide their sales staff with all of the training tools to keep consumers happy and

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The Indian retail industry is accelerating rapidly. The rising consumerism and increased disposable income have propelled the growth of Indian retail sector at a rate of 30 per cent annually. In addition, according to a McKinsey report, with the rise of Indian Consumer Market, retail industry in India is estimated to grow four times by

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I have just completed a survey of 16 retailers and benchmarked their performance to find an association. Amongst 16 retailers, a group were performing exceptionally well, whilst others were performing less effectively. All the retailers were in the same economic climate, in the same industry, and in the same country. So what made the

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Better motivated staff always equals a higher productivity, which in turn means higher profits. A retailer has to employ just a little bit of creativity and thought in letting his staff know that they are valued. This projects the retailer/ manager as a choice leader and allows staff members/salespeople to feel their contributions as

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Rewarding your employees is a great way to motivate them to get out there and make profits for your business. Apart from the insurances such as medical, dental and life many companies offer gift vouchers, free memberships and discount coupons to their employees as part of an employee benefits plan. The ideology behind having such a

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