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In today's retail, inside-store operations are greatly supported by technology. Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Signage, VM and Store Designing are all coming under this section. The articles here take up these topics.

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More and more traditional retailers are moving to unlock business potential from data as cost of storage comes down drastically by the day. World over the adoption of robust data strategies by brick and mortar retailers is also being boosted by open source technologies that help avoid lock-in into propriety software stack. In an age

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Thomas Pink was founded in 1984 and is now part of the LVMH (Moet Hennessy - LouisVuitton) Group, Today, the retailer is known for fashionable shirt, tie and accessory maker with branches across the globe from Jermyn Street in London to Madison Avenue, New York. The company has also opened a women’s only store, PinkWoman in

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Now that shopping can be made anytime, anywhere, consumers need more reasons to visit a store. With technology breathing new life into retail stores,the magic rule is winning screens equals to winning hearts and embracing the ‘smart age’ consumers. On the bright walls of a ‘smart’ store of Max, a wide LED

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Innovation in retail landscape is primarily dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for the new age consumers who look for tech-based, hassle-free shopping experiences. While these new trends are being developed in order to satisfy the tech-hungry millennials, major retailers have time and again maintained

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A quick search on your phone is no longer a one-way communication. From leading you to your nearby store to helping the retailers understand the consumer behavior, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding its strong foot in retail landscape. Soon, you may no longer have to remember what you like or what you wish to buy. From

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Hindware, as a leader of the Indian sanitary ware market, was in search for a better experience for their end users. This search led them to the augmented reality space. In this direction, the DreamBath system was developed. It provided Hindware consumers the ability to visually gauge how a product would fit into their bathroom. But,

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Globally Chatbots are becoming phenomena in the technology space. Many international brands such as H&M, ebay are leveraging from this technology. Even in India there are many retailers who are looking to migrate from normal chat softwares to Chatbots. Titan and TataCliQ are few Indian examples who have started their transformation

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India’s leading multi-brand footwear chain, will be launching a new Digital Commerce platform powered by Watson Customer Engagement hosted on IBM Cloud. This would include IBM Watson Order Management and Commerce for seamless digital engagement. Working with IBM Business Partner CEBS Worldwide, IBM solutions will not only help

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Retailing is set of activities to sell the merchandise and services to ultimate users. Over the years technology has bought drastic changes in traditional retail business. Growing dominance of online retail has prompted the offline retailers to do innovation in their format and shift focus on customer experience. The article shed light

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The Indian retail landscape is going through a major shake-up and becoming intensely competitive. Customer behaviour and attitudes are undergoing rapid transformations in the present times.The tech-savvy Millennial customers are not only unpredictable but they also demand greater business transparency. Consequently, retail brands are

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Starting from automation, process & cost optimization, improving customer service, and providing wide spread business scalability, technology has helped businesses in numerous ways. The brick and mortar retail landscape has been gradually evolving for a while now. The steep evolution in the e-commerce channel has changed the

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Manthan, a leader in Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is pleased to announce that Ritu Kumar, one of the most respected designer-wear brands in India has chosen its leading-edge Advanced Retail Analytics solution to power key merchandising decisions. Ritu Kumar and its sub-brand 'Label' are admired

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How can analytics help improve the retail customer experience and ultimately drive sales? What additional customer insight can they provide? How can retailers use this information? And where should they start? These are some of the fundamental questions retailers have when considering analytics to optimize their business. Back to

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For a tropical country like India, air conditioning is a key aspect for retail chains; Quick Service Restaurants, supermarkets and ATMs require optimal air conditioning to maintain customer comfort and eventually lead to repeated engagement and improved sales. The hefty electricity bills at the end of the month tell another story

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There are a few common challenges which every start-up retailer would face initially. Firstly, they need to addressto find a niche for themselves as businesses today, must constantly innovate to cater to changing demands of their customers. Another challenge that they face is finding a cost-effective, scalable platform to address their

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