How mCaffaine is eyeing a 3x Revenue Growth This Financial Year?

There are about 20 products in the portfolio so far and there are aggressive plans to further launch 15-20 products in the next one year.
How mCaffaine is eyeing a 3x Revenue Growth This Financial Year?

mCaffeine, caffeinated personal care brand, was launched in 2016. The brand is focused on the millennial lifestyle with mass premium offerings. mCaffeine, a D2C brand has sold more than 2.8 million products in just 4 years of launch. Currently, the products are available at 18,000 pin codes across India. While the brand is still quite young, mCaffeine products are best sellers amongst multiple categories on Amazon and Nykaa.

The brand is currently present in 3 major categories - Face Care, Hair Care and Body Care. There are about 20 products in the portfolio so far and there are aggressive plans to further launch 15-20 products in the next one year. mCaffeine products are available on all major shopping portals namely – Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart and it also sells through its own e-commerce portal 

The brand is at present focusing on India with global potential for the future.

In an interaction, Tarun Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO, mCaffaine shares the future plans of the brands.

Edited excerpts:

Elaborate the impact of a pandemic on the brand. Share with us the growth trajectory of the brand.

We have felt the pinch in the initial phases of the lockdown. End of the March, April and mid-May were complete zero phases. Once the lockdown started being lifted in batches, we started recovering. Being a digital-only platform, we could activate the growth levers in the system as we saw consumer demand. We faced a few issues here and there from the logistics side but keeping an eye on the problem areas, we kept moving forward. And having such a good customer connection, we have recovered from the COVID-turbulence and grown about two-and-a-half times. We are extremely happy to come out even stronger than the pre-COVID phase without even launching a new product or channel which speaks a lot about how fortunate we are to have such a strong consumer connection. 

How is the brand innovating to keep up with the ever-changing demands of consumers?

At this point with such a vast beauty and personal care market and ever-changing consumer needs, it gets tough to make a place for yourself in an industry that is this highly competitive. But as a brand, mCaffeine has been able to stand out because of the unique approach. Needless to say, in this process innovation has been our core idea for the development. Right from day 1, we’ve believed in the idea that we need to be ‘differentiated’. Having launched a product like Coffee Body Scrub just in the beginning, which was one of its kind and had passed the matrices of efficacy and experience, we have always wanted to make the best. I would say, we understand the Indian consumers better than any of our competitors. The latest testimony of this is our patent-pending India’s first coffee bean shaped bathing bar that launched just last week. The response has been phenomenal and the entire month’s stock has been sold out in just about 4-5 days. Thus, it can be said that innovation has always been at the forefront and has been well mapped keeping in mind our consumer’s needs and demands. We keep up with their trends and speak to our consumers on a regular basis, thus we are able to create the best for them with the best of the ingredients.

mCaffaine Eyes 3x Revenue Growth This Financial Year

Any new product launches on the cards going ahead?

mCaffeine as a brand has always been very particular about the kind of products we launch. This could be understood by the fact that we have the highest revenue by product density across all the challenger brands in the country. So, making good products is an important task for a brand. Extending the same philosophy, we’ve just launched a patent-pending product - India’s First Coffee Bean-shaped bathing bar in three different variants. Needless to say, this phenomenal product was the result of a lot of research and efforts put in for around 12 months by our research and development team. Going ahead, we will be launching around 18-20 products in a span of over twelve months. Goes without saying that all of these will be very interesting and well-formulated across different categories, keeping in mind the revenue by product density that we truly believe in. Some of these again might even be India’s first of its kind.

What steps are you taking to expand your online and offline distribution?

mCaffeine is a digital-only brand, that means we are available only online across various platforms. Thus we are very focused on this new way of consumption which is completely digital-led. So, we continue to grow ourselves in the similar space across all the channels we work with along with our website with new technologies and advancements. We try to work very closely with our partners like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart etc to leverage the resources and get the most out of our efforts.

And needless to say, we constantly keep working on expanding different horizons for our own platform since our website is one of our major contributors. So, online has been and will always be a primary source of distribution for us.

Apart from this, we are also contemplating offline, given the conditions and cautiousness in the marketplace need to be taken care of. And with the right strategy, we will soon be there as it would be really interesting for a brand like us to be available offline as well. 

What are your growth plans for the new financial year?

We have been growing aggressively in the past two financial years. In the last two years, we have grown 12-times with respect to the revenue and this year too we expect to grow 3-times more from the last financial year. Going forward, we will continue to grow aggressively in the online ecosystem, maintaining the awareness and relevance of the brand to the consumers.

And with launches ahead in the year, we will continue to delve deeper into the existing channels of distribution. To do so, we will also try and experiment with new upcoming internet-only models for distribution.

Having said that, we would like to maintain our idea of growth that has been very exciting over the years. Overall the idea is to grow distribution, brand awareness and understand what our consumers really want from us.

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