Mercedes unveils self driving concept car F015 Luxury in Motion

Mercedes-Benz, Germany based luxury car maker is all set to join the race for self driving cars by unveiling its concept F015 Luxury in Motion.
Mercedes unveils concept F015 Luxury in Motion


Mercedes-Benz, the Germany based luxury car maker, is all set to join the race for self driving cars by unveiling its concept F015 Luxury in Motion, says a PTI report.
Expressing his views at the International CES, Daimler director, Ralf Lamberti said: ‘The four-seater futuristic car that has provision for installation of a fuel cell plug-in hybrid drive system could hit up to 1,100 kilometres of zero-emission driving, according to the company. “This is a concept car. We will use the technology in future to develop autonomous driving cars in future.’
Earlier, Google has showcased its self driving car and Mercedes is all set to take the standard much higher. The passengers in F015 will be able to interact intuitively with the connected vehicle by means of gestures or by touching the high-resolution screen, according to a company statement.
Also, the car has a variable system with four rotating lounge chairs that allow a face-to-face seat configuration. “People spend a lot of time in three places — home, office, and car. We want to give people space so that they spend more time in the car in luxury,” Lamberti said.
Bullish on the future of self driving cars, he said: “It is only a matter of time that people realise that automatic cars are the future of automobile industry.”
As per the report, inbuilt sensors to watch pedestrian traffic, the car also have a especially developed app through which it can be sent off to search its own parking space or to another location to collect other occupants.


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