Tim Cook confirms Apple's yearn to set up retail touch-points in India

India is one of Apple's most important growth areas for the next decade, given its favourable demographics and surging smartphone sales: Tim Cook

As Indianretailer reported earlier about the global smartphone maker Apple’s yearn to set up its company-owned stores in India, CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the same. At a townhall meeting with its employees, Cook said that Apple is all set and eager to bring its retail touch-points in India.

Cook further mentioned India as "one of Apple's most important growth areas for the next decade", underlining its importance given its favourable demographics and surging smartphone sales.

“India unlike many emerging markets had 4G mobile services and it which therefore gives Apple the opportunity to push its latest devices to regions like India,” he added.

Answering to audience questions, Cook attempted to reduce concerns related to the company's iPhone dependence, and discussed porting more Apple services to Android and releasing cheaper iPhones to appease growing markets.

Leaving behind the US last, India today is world’s fastest growing smartphone market in terms of active users. With such huge opportunity and a growing market to tap, Apple looks affirmative towards launching Apple’s famed retail stores with the brand already having a very store aspiration value amongst the youth.

Apple has filed an application to open single brand retail store in India. Currently it sells its iPhones, iPad, MAC and other products via third-party seller across the country

Recently Apple enjoyed the quarterly sales in India so far with volumes crossing 800,000 units in a span of 3 moths. During this, Apple’s sales in developed market dipped down.

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