Toshiba and Sharp to lock horns with leaders of the Indian electronic market
Toshiba and Sharp to lock horns with leaders of the Indian electronic market

The renowned global electronic brands, Sharp and Toshiba, once leaders in the global electronic market, are once again gearing up to re-enter the Indian market with a mega launch. Both the Japanese brands have been recently acquired by the two Chinese firms Foxconn and Skyworth Electronics, with Foxconn taking over Sharp and Skyworth Electronics acquiring Toshiba.

As per the new business plans of Sharp, its Chinese owners have decided to re-launch the brand in India with smartphones, televisions, air purifiers, air-conditioners and other appliances in the next two months. On the other hand, Toshiba is also chalking its map and strategies to re-enter and explore the vast Indian electronic market.

One of the senior industry executives said that both the brands are inactive with no supplies of inventory in the Indian market for the past few months. But both will enter the market before the festive season. Foxconn is already in talks with a distributor and Skyworth too is formalising its plans.

According to the market experts, the duo might give a tough run to the leaders of the electronic business in India. Companies such as Samsung, Sony, LG which are right now at the driving seat, might revamp their marketing strategies to tackle the two new entries. What's interesting is that these brands are going to play the pricing game on their return, mirroring a strategy which the Chinese smartphone makers have done in the Indian market to gain share. Currently, Samsung, LG and Sony control around 80 per cent of the Indian Television market and now, since the two new companies making their way in, it is expected that market will see some major turnarounds. 

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Perpule launches UltraPOS!
Perpule launches UltraPOS!

Perpule, an Omni-channel retail-tech company and announced the launch of its next-gen Point of Sale (POS) billing solution called UltraPOS. Perpule’s UltraPOS is a platform independent, form factor independent POS billing system which can enable anytime, anywhere billing. It is a cloud-based SaaS product which eliminates the need of bulky servers and computers in the store. UltraPOS will enable offline stores to reduce billing counter size by up to 40% and help increase sales and revenue through an AI/data-driven approach to dynamic offers, cross-sell and upsell. It is currently being used by retail brands such as Vishal Mega Mart, Big Bazaar, Foodhall and many more.

Perpule UltraPOS can render traditional billing systems obsolete with in-built features such as analytics, inventory and staff management tools. Retailers can update product prices, stocks, offers, etc. consistently across platforms. The cloud-based solution seamlessly operates in online as well as offline modes which is perfect for India where connectivity is still a challenge. This solution also gives omni-channel players a platform to manage order and inventory for both e-commerce as well in-store sales from the store itself. The UltraPOS solution can work with any device such as handhelds, mobile, desktop and tablets. It allows cashiers to scan barcodes, generate receipts and accept payments without any hassle. Retailers can also opt for the accompanying hardware (a handheld device) at no additional cost and a flexible monthly rental fee. Retailers can also opt UltraPOS for their existing infrastructure or try out a combination of both handheld and traditional billing modules.

A major challenge for retailers is the lack of display area and suboptimal customer flow. UltraPOS tackles this by reducing the size of billing counters, allowing for more space to showcase merchandise and increase footfall. Due to the mobile nature of the device, users can save significantly on IT capex, opex and manpower costs. Retailers will be able to get more than 50% reduction in POS technology spend (eg. store server, computer, printer, scanner, EDC/payment, networking, etc) and 95% reduction in paper saved from digital receipts. Perpule also provides value-added services for retailers to increase revenue such as bill payments, recharges and ticket bookings.







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