MS Dhoni launches SEVEN with Rhiti Group

Mahindra Singh Dhoni was announced as the brand's global ambassador. Dhoni will not only be the face of SEVEN but will also will involved in the design and development of its wide array of footwear.

In a recent announcement, one of India’s sport management firms, Rhiti Group has recently launched its active lifestyle brand name SEVEN. The brand will manufacture and market running, training, indoor, and athletic-leisurewear apparel and footwear.

The brand aims to drive home the point that fitness is accessible to not just sportspersons but everybody, whether you want to break a world record or simply break a sweat.

At the launch of the brand, Indian cricket team captain, Mahindra Singh Dhoni was announced as the brand’s global ambassador. Dhoni, will not only be the face of SEVEN but will also will involved in the design and development of its wide array of footwear.  His insights as an athlete have helped the design team in putting the range together and his inputs will be available to them in the future too, the company said in a press release.

Commenting on the launch and foray into the retail landscape, Arun Pandey, CMD and Promoter, Rhiti Group said, “At Rhiti Group we have always wanted to be associated with fitness and an active lifestyle in a meaningful manner. We believe fitness is everybody’s right and not the sole domain of professional athletes. ‘SEVEN’ we believe will be the change maker that nudges people to make this shift not just in the thinking but also in the doing.”

“And in MS Dhoni we have the perfect brand leader to inspire people to do just that. A range of footwear like SEVEN has always been MS’ dream and I’m glad that today with his involvement and expert inputs with the footwear division, we’ve been able to fulfil that dream and offer SEVEN to the world,” he added.

Speaking on his association with ‘Seven’, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said, “The SEVEN ambition is all about making fitness an intrinsic part of every city, every town, every school, every home.  In my opinion, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to take your fitness seriously. All you need is the motivation to lead an Active Lifestyle. The thought-process and positioning of SEVEN really excites me and I think it will strongly resonate with the youth of India as well.

“It has always been my dream to have my own brand of footwear in the market, which offers high quality products at affordable price points for the larger masses. And that opportunity came to me with SEVEN, wherein I’m closely involved with the design and development of the footwear division, and I keep offering my inputs to the design team on a regular basis,” Dhoni added.

Interestingly, SEVEN is also the number that I sport on my shirt, which only increases my fondness for the brand. I do hope that Seven’s vision for change become a reality,” he said.

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