Roadster launches its limited edition Pocketman Jeans with a unique campaign

Roadster, Myntra's casual wear brand, unveiled its rugged, limited-edition Pocketman Jeans at a prominent Bengaluru mall
Roadster launches its limited edition Pocketman Jeans with a unique campaign
Roadster, Myntra’s casual wear brand, unveiled its rugged, limited-edition Pocketman Jeans today at a prominent Bengaluru mall starting 3 pm today, ‘Pocketman’ Eric Monjoin will be spending two days in his makeshift man-cave, with everything he needs to sustain himself (and keep his social media audience entertained) packed in the pockets of his jeans.
As you may expect, Pocketman jeans are not your everyday jeans - they are packed with 13 specialised pockets, plus six unique features, including suspenders, zip fasteners that turn the jeans to denim shorts, loops for hand tools and a few other surprises.
Over the next two days, Pocketman Eric will be digging deep into his pockets to pull off unexpected and cheer-worthy acts (like starting a fire, cooking his food, making music and art and other life hacks) that you can use to brave challenging situations when you are out on a road trip. The pockets are built to handle rough use and come in useful sizes to accommodate cans, tools, gadgets and plenty more.
The reality web-event is currently being live-streamed where you can see Pocketman perform various hacks, and interact with him through Twitter and Facebook. Footage of pocket hacks and highlights will be shared on Roadster’s own Youtube channel as well.
This is what Pocketman Eric Monjoin had to say: “These jeans are incredible – they are virtually a rucksack for me. As it is, I love going outdoors over the weekend and from now on I will be sure to take these along with me on my fishing trips. I love the functionality of these pockets because it reminds me of where the phrase “Baker’s Dozen” came from. It is almost as if the designer was wary that 12 pockets might not be enough, so he put an extra one! My list of things to carry will be just one from now on – my Pocketman jeans.”
Manish Aggarwal, VP Marketing of Myntra Fashion Brands said, “This was a fun collection to create! We wanted to make a point that all a man needs is the right pair of jeans. You have that pair, you are set for anything. Roadster is here to create new, lasting experiences for customer and this experiment is a live demonstration of our commitment.”
The limited edition Pocketman Jeans are exceptionally versatile – only two thousand of them have been made. Priced at Rs. 3999/-, they come in 4 different shades.
Roadster is the country’s leading online fashion brand, modelled on an outdoor lifestyle with a definite edge of living life to the fullest, as embodied in the brand’s tagline: ‘GTFO’. The Roadster collection, and its premium line RDSTR, offer a combination of comfort, style and toughness - tailor-made for adventure. The brand provides denim aficionados a wide span of stylish products across apparel, footwear and accessories for both men and women, priced between INR 300 - 2,199. Launched in December 2012, Roadster has been endorsed by Bollywood actors KunalKapoor and Ranveer Singh, and is retailed exclusively on the Myntra and Flipkart platforms.
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