PepsiCo introduces a refreshing drink with its new 7Up Revive brand

PepsiCo has introduced a new hydrating drink replete with vitamins and electrolytes to beat the summer heat. The 7Up Revive brand is priced at Rs 33 for 500 ml PET bottle in Tamil Nadu and Rs 35 in Kerala and would be gradually introduced in other regions
PepsiCo beats the heat with 7Up Revive!
PepsiCo, the popular soft drinks manufacturer, has launched 7UP Revive brand in Chennai, after unveiling the drink in Vietnam and Malaysia.
After introduction in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the company has plans to introduce the drink in other regions as well.  
"At present, 7UP Revive brand is available in Vietnam and Malaysia. We are launching the brand in Tamil Nadu and Kerala and will be having a marketing campaign from mid-April onwards," PepsiCo India, Senior Director (Marketing), stated Vidyur Vyas. 
Priced at Rs 33 for 500 ml PET bottle in Tamil Nadu and Rs 35 in Kerala, the drink would provide vitamins and electrolytes to keep the body hydrated, he added.
"There is no other hydration product available in convenient format. So we will be conducting campaigns in places like malls," he said.
PepsiCo has been testing the revived product since a year now. The product is slated to be manufactured at the company’s facilities in Sangareddy in Telangana and Mamandur in Tamil Nadu.
"We have enough capacity available and the drink will be manufactured along with 7UP", he said. Adding that with  
7UP Revive a new segment is being created. 
Currently, PepsiCo has a network of about 30,000 dealer outlets in Tamil Nadu 
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