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The magnanimity of Indian monuments and the cultural nuances of Indian cities are waiting to walk in to the modern day homes.
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The magnanimity of Indian monuments and the cultural nuances of Indian cities are waiting to walk in to the modern day homes.

India, it’s a land that interests and intrigues people the world over. Here, the flavors, the fabrics and the festivals vary with every state and reflect diversity at its best. India’s culture, the art forms, the craftsmanship and the rich vintage legacy, has a signature mark that is true to being amongst the world’s oldest civilizations. For those who love to stay rooted and surround themselves with the true Indian elements, home décor offers an array of options. Here are the top 9 ways to usher in the essence of India in every nook and corner of your home.

a. ‘Cane’ I come in
The light and airy bamboo and cane furniture offers an enhanced sense of space. Coupled with colorful cushions, it’s a classy and economical do it yourself décor option to Indianise your home. A dark wood ethnic cane swing or cane and bamboo added as small and useful baskets in the house also serve to be an interesting way to cane up the house in an appeal that travels all the way from the marshes and hills of Assam.

b. ‘Sheer’ joy from Jaipur
And here’s a curtain raiser. Match the sheer desire to add to your home those Indian elements with some sheer curtains. Lighter tones and textures on silk or cotton with pastel shade blocks depicting Mughal designs, paisleys, floral and geometrical patterns have been around for years and remain just as elegant. An art that originated in Jaipur, block prints with colors made from all that’s natural, is so Indian at heart.

c. Let’s go ‘Kitsch’
Go abstract, turn modern and do absolutely what you feel like and that’s the liberty kitsch offers with some bold and beautiful bedsheet and cushion designs. Kitsch is a trend that’s in, interesting and Indian at the same time. Moreover, it is such an easy and eclectic way to color up your interiors and add quirk to your life.

d. ‘Low seating’ and high thinking
Indian style low sitting arrangement is a style statement in itself. Equip L-shaped seating or align against a wall, the Indian style low seating made with piles of cushions, an old-style settee or stacked mattress doubling up as firm base, is an Indian trend that is never out of vogue. Add warm cushions to make this low seating a cozy and comfortable corner. What’s more, it quickly becomes that private seating area where you love to host friends and family and also enjoy your morning cup of tea.

e. When ‘old is gold’, bring it home
Old is gold’ has never been more true than adding the centuries old beauty of brocade to the living room. From those priceless brocade sarees, make cushions covers, table runners or throws and bring home the whiff of Indian-ness that you inherited. It is quick and easy if you make up your mind to turn those exotic golden, jade and colorful Indian brocade borders into some magic for your home.

f. Cuddle up in a cozy Indian ‘Razaai’
One signature home décor element for bed rooms is the Indian razaai, meaning a quilted blanket. From hand stitched light weight quilts stuffed with soft, light cotton padding for summer to the heavily layered ones for the infamous north-Indian winter, the Indian razaai is a way to embrace that time-honoured Indian-ness at its best. No wonder, this handmade piece of art is one stupendous addition that you would often find the international travelers packing up as a useful souvenir from India.

g. Embroidered with hand and cushioned with love
Cushions are simply magical when it comes to home décor and makeovers. Whether it is the Kantha work from West Bengal or the rustic colorful mirror work of Rajasthan to the dancing peacocks embroidered by women of Kutch or the full of life Phulkari stitches of Punjab, handcrafted cushion covers are the simplest and the most effective way to go Indian with home décor.

h. Win-win vintage furniture

Let’s offer a red carpet welcome to the vintage furniture that once upon a time embellished Indian palaces and majestic houses. Be it the intricate ancient sofas or those unique wood carved closets from the days of the raj and maybe even earlier, antique furniture never fails to tell a unique and elegant story of heirloom. Those with an experimental heart can step into the gone by palatial era by bringing home unique, durable and antique pieces of furniture made with expensive oak, striped ebony, rosewood, red palm and the likes that spell royalty.

i. Straight from the potter’s wheel
Indian pottery is synonymous with centuries old regional art that has retained its truth and texture in entirety. Adding a ceramic Indian matka (read pot), a designer vase or a planter holding domestic plants or flower arrangements, is a proven way to enliven a corner. Made of terracotta or earthenware, aesthetic Indian pottery is an expression by a craftsman that lends Indian homes a deep connect with our culture.

These elements are an inseparable part of Indian homes. If some of them have been on top of your mind, it is just the perfect time to bring home the Indian charm and charisma with the home décor brand Tangerine’s 100 % shudh desi collection, Indie Tadka. Packed with the signature Indian appeal and style statement, the Indie Tadka collection is a glimpse of the real India where visuals from interiors of the homeland, the magnanimity of Indian monuments and the cultural nuances of Indian cities are waiting to walk in to the modern day homes, in India and beyond.

From the richness and royalty of Rajasthan to the perky culture of Punjab, from the beauty of Taj Mahal to the serenity of seashores in south of India,  from the polite lehezaa of Lucknow to the Hyderabadi tehzeeb, Indie Tadka is a celebration of Indian’s unity in diversity. Come and join in the celebration with Tangerine’s terrific range of home décor solutions.

Author's Bio: This article has been authored by Sonam Gupta, Design Head, Tangerine.


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