Satya Paul launches new home furnishing label "Paul Salon"

Designer and artist, Satya Paul has recently launched a new home furnishing label "Paul Salon", especially developed for Jagdish Stores.
Satya Paul
Designer and artist, Satya Paul who launched an eponymous label in 1985 and had also babbled in home furnishing abroad has recently launched a new home furnishing label “Paul Salon”, especially developed for Jagdish Stores.
Jagdish Stores has tied up with Satya Paul to provide customers with something unique. The Paul Salon will be retailed exclusively from the store's outlets in Delhi, Kolkata and Ludhiana.
The label is divided into five lines -- Simple Luxe, Absolut Moderne, Passion De Fleur, Ethnique and Beauti D'Histoire.
Speaking on the same Paul said, "I am a student of design, and have been practicing art and designing professionally for 60 years now. I sell my home line in Japan, Brazil, Europe, everywhere... We launched it in India too. But Paul Salon is especially for my friend Jagdish Khandelval (director of Jagdish Stores)."
He said all his designs are "inspired by life and for life", and encapsulate the elements of 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram', meaning truth, godliness, and beauty.
The Paul Salon line, which primarily features luxe bedcovers and cushion covers, is an amalgam of traditional techniques and embroidery with contemporary and modern style. The price ranges from Rs.12,000 to Rs.50,000.
"A designer of Satya Paul's stature brings to the world of home furnishings a truly unique and inspired aesthetic unlike anything witnessed before in this niche. I am confident our patrons will be delighted by the vibrant prints and etherial colours in the home furnishings section”, said Jagdish Khandelval, Director, Jagdish Stores..
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