Games The Shop launched e-portal to bring speciality retailing to the next level

Invested 50 lakh for online venture
Invested Rs 50 lakh for online store

Games The Shop, the game specialist retailer, which has its nine exclusive stores in six different cities of India has just launched its e-commerce portal. In an exclusive conversation, Founder Amit Khemani shares the strategy behind the brand’s online expansion.

What is the rationale behind venturing into e-commerce? And how has been the response so far?

We wanted to take our Games The Shop retail experience to reach all our Indian customers and give them the same friendly and game specialist services we offer at our stores. Our e-commerce site empowers us to take our products to 522 cities and connecting us to 4079 pin codes across India. So far, we have received a fabulous response on our website.

How much you have invested in your new venture?

We have invested around Rs 50 lakhs initially as a minimum project capital and we will see from here how to build up further.

What are your latest offering for e-portal, and how it is different from your physical store?

The website is featured with lots of services and payment options. It gives fans chance to pre-order their favourite gamesand also avail Cash on Delivery payment option. Apart from this, they can choose to make payment by debit/credit card. Very soon we will be introducing EMI options for the customers. Pre-owned and digital download copy of games will also be available on the site to buy. The website also has exclusive deal of the week which gives discounts and offers on various games which is not available in the stores.

Is your e-commerce portal is accessible to tablets etc? Would you be considering Android applications, shortly?

Yes, it is accessible on the gadgets mentioned and we would be soon considering Android and iOS applications.

What is the download time of your website?

The first load time of homepage is around 3 seconds but following load is nearly 1 second as the website is on a cloud architect. Day by day lot of improvement steps are being taken for faster download

Whom you are targeting through your online store?

We are targeting the gamers and the non- gamers through our website. All the games available on the website have detailed information and trailers helping the customer know more about the game and make informed decision.

Highlight security features of your e-commerce site in terms to customer’s data protection and cyber threats?

The site is fully secured. Login based authentication on the user side and encryption sensitive data like passwords gives the site and its users more security. Even the online payments are only through trusted and authorised payment gateways.

How do you wish to grow from here?

Currently we will be working on our online venture as these are lot of features we are planning to add on the website. We aim to make it a one stop shop for gaming.


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