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The section deals with the complex operational mechanism of Logistics & Supply Chain. The articles talk about the latest trends, the pain points, effective management, etc.

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Having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price is the strategy behind an efficient supply chain for a business.   SCM in retail In retail, the success of business is directly interlinked with the efficiency of the supply chain. The supply chain here is a two way flow,

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Retailers have become highly efficient in terms of utilisation of space and their warehouses have become larger and detailed. Warehouses are now more technologically oriented and help in linking stocks with the retail store in an accurate way.   Setting up a warehouse Warehousing is an indispensable part of supply-chain

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The Global Retail Theft Barometer 2009 has ranked India No. 1 in retail shrinkage among nine countries surveyed in Asia Pacific. According to the report nearly 10 per cent of shrinkage occurs at the supply-vendor level, most of which can be combated with effective tracking and inventory management tools. Radio Frequency Identification

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Reverse logistics refers to the return of goods or information from the retailer back to the manufacturers and producers. The need for reverse logistics arises in light of offering a higher level of customer service that includes accuracy and timeliness. Product recalls; business to business commercial returns; stock adjustments, and

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Floral jewellery gained much recognition after Aishwarya Rai wore it for one of her wedding ceremonies but it is just not her in the glam list to carry off floral jewellery. It was Sonia Gandhi! But now the trend is not just for them its something for everyone! But is access to it an easy task??   What is floral jewellery

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