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Luxury is the new-found love of the retail sector. The aspirational, cash-rich consumers are the target, and the sector is growing at a rapid pace with international luxury brands setting up their stores. It's a happening sector with a lot more to offer.

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For the demand of homogenous luxury floor space in India, such international standardized concepts need to evolve further. The thought process of developers catering to the conceptualization of luxury malls needs to be tad different from usual run-of-mill malls in the country. The basic intention of coming up with such high-end

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In India, Spa has emerged as one of the fastest growing industry after America and Europe with the quarter of the last decade having seen a growth of 8 per cent; the reason being their substantial expansion in travel and tourism industry as well as a rise in income which has made them more aware about the quality of life. Rhetorically

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When ever there is a mention of the term luxury all of us start imagining things that will always remain beyond the common man’s possession. But, over the years luxury has become a necessity and is no longer identified with terms like lavishness and unreachable wishes. What was considered to be luxury yesterday is a necessity

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There was a time when people had to travel abroad if they had to buy a Gucci or an Armani. However, the scenario has changed over the past few years, as we are witnessing a plethora of luxury brands entering into the Indian market. Today, international luxury brands are just a walk away.   Luxury retail

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