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Marketing is the indispensible vehicle for promoting the brand, increase brand visibility and enhancing brand recall. To survive in this cut throat competition, retailers are implementing various marketing strategies. This section deals with such topics.

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Retail industry, on the world map, stands at approx. US$25 trillion in 2018 and is expected to rise up to approx. US$28 trillion by 2020, and therefore, can undeniably be reckoned as a big slice of the global economy pie. Even from an Indian landscape perspective, retail contribution is estimated to reach USD 1.1 trillion by 2020, with

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Today we as consumer receive five times more information every day than we did 30 years ago. Moreover, technology has completely dominated that was we interact the world around us. Customers are evolved like never before. Today we have brands such as Google and Amazon which have managed to create dominance in their respective sectors

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Visual merchandising is multi-dimensionaland retailers can choose from various ideas when designing displays.  This is one advantage that the retailers have over online sellers- the in-store experience, and the opportunity to show off products in engaging ways. The key to designing a successful store display is by

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Artificial Intelligence is taking over retail and has been used across the entire product and service cycle. Right from pre production to post sale, retail players are leveraging AI in different forms in order to bring automation. The following article sheds light on different examples where AI is successfully integrated into key

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Remember how marketing was done earlier? Before the advent of TV, radio, and of course, the internet, flyers and brochures were placed in front of doorsteps and stuck to car windshields. This seemingly old-fashioned form of direct marketing worked like magic because it was the original form of ‘niche marketing’. If done

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Before and after the build-up of festive season, great sales, consumer buying frenzy, brand offers and online sales festivals, comes a period when almost every business goes through a slowdown! The supply chain plans bullish for ‘the period’ when they it to reach more than 30% of its annual sales during such periods.

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General trade is vital for the success of manufacturers and the trade network ecosystem. Due to all the hype around e-commerce, it’s easy to forget that general trade is the backbone of our economy and it is here to stay for decades to come. However, it is failing to perform as desired due to varied problems and challenges. The

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Digital disrupters are finding ways to serve unmet customer demands through the ways, which were unheard of. They’re creating disjointed buyer journeys that are hard to stay ahead of, riddling the total customer experience with infinite touchpoints and removing barriers to entry. According to a study by Harvard Business Review,

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Small retailers and kiranasform the backbone of Indian consumption with a 98% share in the entire grocery retail business – there are about 12 million of them dominating the segment. There are some practical reasons for the success of these models. First, they are easily accessible and can be found on every street corner. Second,

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Science and sales were never two distant worlds and industry experts will vouch for this fact. With technology taking a shift to higher gears, which meant a more paced-up evolution, even the sales industry didn’t lag behind and caught up with its modern-day avatar. Looking at the retail domain of sales, which had traditionally

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A few years back, experts predicted that brick-and-mortar is on its last leg. Contrastingly, retail is entering an entirely new era now. Online players such as Amazon,, Lenskart, and Nykaa have started investing in brick-and-mortar stores; offline stores like Max Fashion, D-Mart, Chaayos and Shoppers Stop have made their

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While apparel brand Lifestyle’s ‘Life is Good’brand donates 10% of its net profits to Life is Good Kids Foundation, Everlane promotes ‘radical transparency’ as a core business value by openly sharing details about product labour costs, water recycling efforts and so on. Further, luxury soap maker Lush, in

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According to new research from SAP,more than half (56%) of Indian shoppers ditch their online shopping carts sometimesor all the time. The SAP Consumer Propensity Study focusing on online shopping behaviour found that this isbecause they use online shopping carts to compare prices of similar products with no intention to purchase

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Customers seek delightful experiences from brands today. They want to feel recognized and valued, which a traditional loyalty program based around promotions, monetary rewards, and savings cannot achieve. This calls for brands to start thinking about loyalty in the context of changing expectations of the consumers today and broaden the

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According to McKinsey’s The state of Fashion 2018 report, proliferation of digital channels and raised expectations on experience are the top two trends for fashion retail. Customers expect brands to engage with them in a consistent fashion and tune their engagement in real-time based on current context. What does this mean for

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