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Marketing is the indispensible vehicle for promoting the brand, increase brand visibility and enhancing brand recall. To survive in this cut throat competition, retailers are implementing various marketing strategies. This section deals with such topics.

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As a retailer, it is your endeavour to market your brand and carry out the needed branding campaigns to reach out to people. Branding exercises range from the usual ad hoc ones to much effectual and efficient ones today. Mass marketing is out and direct marketing is in and these newer techniques which have surfaced aid your business

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Co-branding as we all know is the format where in two or more brands club together at one retail space. If used properly, this can be an effective way to cash in on the strong brand names. With putting co-branding in action you can provide your customer with 'best of all worlds' synergy. It may seem easy to club two related

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Newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the World Wide Web constitute a major part of the media. And as is known, these are far reaching mediums that convey messages across nations, boundaries and geographical limitations. This far-reaching characteristic of media is of a great use to businesses who wish to advertise and reach

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Gone are the days where products were advertised with fresh faces from theatre schools or found on the busy streets. Brand endorsing refers to getting on board a celebrity who forms the face of the brand. Giving a product a 'face' is more than just a marketing strategy to increase sales or gain market share, it is a judgment

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It all started in the mid 1940s as a means used by market research companies to measure excellence of retail services and employee veracity. Mystery shoppers or the mystery consumers pose as normal customers and act upon varied activities, such as asking questions, registering complaints, showing behavioural tantrums to actually buying

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In a bid to foster loyalty and maintain customer trust we see most names in retail taking the path of loyalty/reward programs for their customers. It is well-intentioned and both sides benefit from it. Customers get value for money, a promise of quality and assurance and the retailer gets, as hoped for, customer allegiance. Not reaping

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I asked the owner of a Benetton store if he thought ‘Brand loyalty’ existed or not? To my surprise he said that most of the youth coming to his store are his loyal customers who shop with them almost every week! On the other hand I have friends who have half of their wardrobes full of clothes of one particular brand. And

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Sponsoring an event or any activity gives the platform to connect your brand with your target customers. Sponsorship enhances brand visibility. Therefore, new brands which are struggling hard to attain visibility amongst its target consumers can use this strategy. Though sponsoring any event to leverage the brand name is not a

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If you’re wondering what Advergaming is… well it refers to developing a game to advertise a brand. In this tool, a retailer can wrap a brand’s core message in a gaming format in a fun yet discreet style. This is a way of creating an experience for a customer with a brand with ample quality of

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